0859 043018 Christian Faith and The Future - The Mystery of the Wedding Garment 63m

0859 043018 Christian Faith and The Future - The Mystery of the Wedding Garment 63m

From the Series 085 The Christ Realm of Nature of 13 Lectures by Eugene Passofaro

Faith and Intellect and the Soul

Spiritual development and faith. Faith and intellectual thought.

The Realm of Thinking and the Christ Realm

Modern thinking cannot find within it the Christ Spirit. The Christ being of nature, and the thought nature of modern man. 

Christian Faith and the Development of Human Thought

The physically bound soul and how it formed as a consequence of the ages of Christian Faith. The wall of faith and the world. Faith and thought and the human soul nature. The creation of inner thought that separates man from external nature. The power of faith and the separation with cosmic nature.

Faith and Time

What happens to our faith through time? The changes in the soul-spiritual nature because of disappointments of life? Faith and doubts.

Faith and Physical and Spiritual Life

The coming and going of spirit in the earthly soul nature and our disappointments with life. Faith and nature. Faith and spirituality. Can faith in spirituality be combined with nature? Does science know and explain nature in way that reveals the soul-spiritual nature within the human nature?

The Soul and the Invisible in Nature

Does the soul know something invisibly present within its own nature? Is there a way to test the invisible power of the soul? The readjustments of the soul and the world and the human inner nature. How does this affect our creation of our soul nature?

The Weaving of the Soul Garment

What is the will of the creative nature of the soul? What does the soul do internally in regards to the will it has in itself? The creation of soul material directions.  See Matthew 22 The Parable of the Wedding Feast.

Navigating the Darkness Within

Soul thoughts and soul reflections and the perception of light filled or dark areas within. Intuitional powers of will. Following the intuitional nature. The weaving of the self in the light of the spiritual nature inside. The perception and comprehension of the path of the light through the darkness.

Skeptics and Christian Culture

The source of our educational stream of human development. Skepticism and the development of human thought and culture. Skepticism and Christian Spiritual Development.

The Living and Dead Spiritual Self in Nature

The will of the Dead as Living Spirit. The Dead Spirit and True Living Spirit life. Tracing the stream of the skeptics. The change in the earthly soul realm and the changes in the soul nature of the human nature? Uncovering the Immortal Nature. The Development of the Soul according to ancient Christian Spirituality. The development of the soul-spiritual nature and our living being-ness of past and future.

Parables of the Eternal Soul

The importance of learning re-alignment of the soul nature. The bewilderment of the human being in the earthly time nature.

Signs of the Eternal Creation

The symbols and signs of nature. The sign of the Comet in the sky as a sign of Destiny. Working all the way to the Foundation of the Soul-spirit.

The Child and Spirit of Nature

Where does the path to the spirit lead? The seeing and knowing the Child of the Christ Realm.

The Christ Realm

Who is there? What does one find in the Christ Realm? What is the goal of this path? The path turns back upon oneself.

The Spiritual Soul Stages and Perceptions

The Child. The speaking of the Child. The Child is the parent and the parent knows itself in the Child. The integration. The voice appears. A stream of a spiritual substance appears in the soul nature. The spiritual flow of wisdom as living spirit into the soul nature and its elements.

The Conversation of the Spirit and the Disciples

The work of the spiritual workers of the earthly nature. The conversation about the adventure to and from the realm of our spiritual creations. The creations in the realm of the Christ Spirit in Nature. The significance of the conversations of the Disciples of the soul-spiritual. The important and hidden and invisible role of the Disciples of the spirit.

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