We have a right to Fight for our Freedom from Dark and Black Occultism - the Same Today as before....just new names and new faces. Before, it was a great war between brothers, Christian Brothers, and Buddhist Brothers, Hindu and Muslim Brothers. But now Men you must Protect the Women and Children!

You are a people that have survived through every AGE by the grace of invisible powers within you that rise up and protect you. But If you like the injection of Fetal Blood, and Animal Brains think of the Religion of your Mothers and Fathers for it was the means to Come into Life and to prepare you to Believe in your Life Together in One Spirit of Love. Do not forget that.

All of you are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters to find a future TOGETHER. And you Can Do it! Believe in Your Faith.

The Great Mothers and Fathers have come home and they are YOU. The scientist is only a child in the world. This child uses needles to inject everyone until the Parent sees it and takes it away from him. Do not let him threaten our Mothers and Children, brothers and sisters any longer. Lies are lies, and truth is truth. Those who have forced the Blood injections have to understand the truth is out, and his is the end of it.

These injections will make imbeciles of men. Why? A virus is created whenever, everytime, animal cells are injected into human blood cells. That is A LAW NATURE. A hard lesson is here to learn.

Last modified: Saturday, 26 December 2020, 11:44 PM