Reviews from our students:

"I have read the lecture descriptions of Cosmo-Genesis. Even in the brief recapitulations I feel a new and powerful impulse.
As soon as the cd's are ready I will be ready to order. Nothing in my life is more exciting. Thank you. "

In the course 034 Prophets Legends and Prophecies

Thank you. I was just listening to the 1st lecture of the new series - Prophets, Legends, and Prophecies - and was completely stunned with the explanation of the woman and the scarlet beast - the blood -the people. I have worked with the Book of Revelation for a long time but this and other truths you bring out of it are astounding. Nothing will ever be the same after listening to these series of teachings."

" I've found, after listening to your lectures for many months that when I go back to read Steiner it is 1000 times richer. It comes alive. "

" I remember when I was 18 and starting TM, I felt a gentle loving breeze come through my soul as if to say in this lifetime I could find what my soul thirsted for the most - but TM was not the answer. I feel like as you said in the 033 Desert Initiates -  I too have been in the desert for a long time - even with Anthroposophy.  Now there is living water!"

In the course  035 The Seven Pillars of Sophia

"listening to the Immortal Consciousness of the Spirit of Nature wow!,  makes me want to develop the artist inside and write poetry. Thank you. I will ask spirit to flow through me, as I know, that's why I'm here to share and express love." Student of Temple Osiris


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