Rosenkreutz User Terms of Use

The Rosenkreutz Institute is for Community and Educational purposes only for our Users.  A user is a person that has a limited use permission of a forum or access to a course or other resource. We may delete any user accounts or forum posts of any user at any time, without notice, and for any reason.   Users may request a deletion of their data by using the Customer Help.  No data is ever sold or used for any purpose other than what is published on our site. Users may delete their own Forum Posts manually through their account at their discretion, and at any time.

In using Zoom-In Calls

The Rosenkreutz Institute uses ZOOM for Promotional and Educational Purposes only. You may be offered Courses and Private Zoom meetings from your Promotional Consultant or Teacher. The Rosenkreutz Institute is not Responsible for Private Consultations which you as a User choose to engage.  The Rosenkreutz Institute only offers Course Participation in our Promotional Offers. Please use unoffensive language while in Meetings. There is no charge for initial ZOOM meetings that come through our promotional invitations.  The Rosenkreutz Institute does not charge any fees for the use of the ZOOM on our Network.  Your elected Teacher Class Administrator may set up private or class related ZOOM meetings that have fees, and these will be discussed before the ZOOM meeting, and must be paid in advance to your Teacher or Class Administrator. The Rosenkreutz Institute does not assume responsibility for the interaction that takes place between USERS such as Teachers, Class Admins and Students using our ZOOM resource. Any abuse of the ZOOM meetings should be reported immediately using our Customer Help and appropriate steps will be taken to remedy the situation which may include removing the User from any further meetings. Everyone that attends a ZOOM meeting can at any time elect to drop out of the meeting. It is the option of the User to leave the meeting at their own discretion.

Last modified: Friday, 27 May 2022, 2:19 PM