Let me take the words apart to show you the meaning. It is this: Rose + Cross (Cruz in German).

Now the Rose is a symbol for a something nice. It is a flower that is sturdy, and protects itself with thorns but if you think to stand away from it if you're afraid of the thorns she can still reach you and send you her beautiful fragrance. It is also said that she smells sweetest when the Lovers heart is awakened by a beloved. These are the mysteries of the Rose.

The Cross and the Rose

Now for the cross mysteries. The cross is symbolized as the death which all men must think about that are on the true path of knowledge. It is no secret that men that do not think, also cannot know of death. The human being has at the center point of his being, the prevarication to move in the four quadrants of time and space.  His inner being is never quite certain of which direction each going inward. This is the center of the world, and is symbolized by the planting of the seed in the center. How to water the seed? With thought combine with spiritual visions of things unknown and known. We ponder and breath in, and breath out and work on those materials. When we think about the substances we breathe our, we can ask: are they are related to my inner being? Can I change them?  If one senses the breath is foul, one can sense too, it relates to body and the soul, and somehow the thoughts should be able to manage a pure and fragrant breath. But the path needs to be illumined with wisdom and science. A foolish man takes things to combat the putrefaction going on inside. But it is like putting water on a fire, and it smolders.  The study of the inner being is a Secret Path of Wisdom and not even the GREAT SCIENTIST can reveal what is the secret.  The path is symbolized as the Chemical Wedding, for when the soul is allowed to form itself as LOVE, and is Fertilized by the Thought filled invisible substances of Divine Spirits, then the Human Soul reveals itself as an invisible Flower much like a rose in a garden, which the Rosicrucian adept can see. He comes and cares for the garden and the flowers. Why? Because he too loves the flowers of his garden, and namely those that blossom in the spiritual realm. And the cross is the symbol of the combustion, the invisible fire of the soul. The sign I.N.R.I. is also reveals the Secret Teaching of the Master Rosicrucian initiate and is the one that meets us at the Door to the Wedding and he asks: Do you have your Wedding Garment?

Here is a story for you....

The Soul and the Invisible Garden

The goal of the Chemical Wedding is to produce the invisible body. Just as the rose is sensed through light and fragrance, so the soul will be visible to the eyes of the Seers that are known as the Rosicrucian Adepts. Although the light of the heart is invisible, the presence and development of it is sensed by those on the higher and more subtle planes. They work into all souls that do the Rose Cross meditation, for it makes visible to them the souls in the invisible Garden called the Lost Eden. Further instructions are given in the book the Secrets of the Lost Land of Eden.

The Eyes on the Higher Path
Everything looks very funny to seers who know, and no matter what pride or proudness of thought prevails, the animal nature is still the only visibly completed form of man, and of the higher form he only dreams about it and it causes him pain, torment and suffering.
But this changes when one seeks a method of spiritual development that works in the modern conditions of the soul. It must also be a development in perfect harmony with higher powers of nature which are guided to mankind to appear in his karmic path, out of love, and for no other reason, by the higher spiritual beings in harmony with the next stages of human development.

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