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"Men of this age need this form of knowledge, and those that hear it in themselves, the need, go seeking it. The inspirations behind what is presented is to meet the souls that are seeking it. Here is a place not only for learning but meeting others seeking the light of the spirit. Today so many doubt it, that it has become common to deny that this light exists. But those that see it must also speak about it. This is active light too. It is a fact of the life of those that are underneath it.  The new Rosenkreutz School is here for those that seek the path and the people of the way of the light - to learn from, and to be friends. 

Critical thought and the Present and the Past
We can be critical of the present as long as we are willing to let go of what should become today. For example (and this is good for many of the Groups of the past 100 years) If Rudolf Steiner's work had been successful, and in the light of what he dreamed would become, and gave his vision words in this: "...there would be 50 Geotheanums by 1950."  But the sad truth is this did not come into life, and in no way does it appear that it will happen... unless something changes.  As the poets say: it is just the way it is

But let us not mourn over the impossible but let us look and see and imagine what is possible! That is the inspiration in the present work.   People can now say: "A new path of knowledge has appeared!"  That is The Rosenkreutz School.  It is here for anyone that is seeking the path of knowledge and the way into the spiritual nature.

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Student Reviews

"This lecture series (093) in particular was something that I value and admire very much, since in my studies of Spiritual Science I have not heard anything like this before. That I think highlights the beauty and power of these lectures, they are nothing like I have encountered before." A Student

"Alchemy and the Cosmic Spirit lecture series is an incredibly unique and amazing lecture series!"

"Astoundingly good content, especially the Rose Cross meditation "fire-y version". As Dylan said "right on target, so direct" (Tangled Up in Blue)

Excellent recommendation for a newbie student, especially for someone who's already meditating" A Student

"The time is now for hidden mysteries to become more visible for those who are able to utilize the concepts and the tools in our present times of need. This course on the Freemasons from 2009 is so profound!" A Student

"Michael the Archangel and the Shadow of the Spirit has been by far one of my favorite and most essential lecture series that I have taken from the Rosenkreutz Institute. I believe this lecture series should serve as a foundational lecture series for all students of the spirits here at the Rosenkreutz Institute. If you feel any sense of urgency on beginning your spiritual journey I would highly recommend taking this lecture series. If you want to work with the impulses of Michael the Archangel then this would be a wonderful lecture series to begin with. This lecture series also has many different practical techniques to advance the student of spirit along his path. In taking this lecture series I would highly recommend taking along with this course 027 The Mysteries of the Rose Cross since this course builds upon what was previously discussed in the 026 lecture series. "

"I highly recommend this course. It has whispered deep within the abyss of my Akashic field, and I am rising to new divine wisdom." A Student, Course The Seven Pillars of Sophia

"This series (050) has been the best descriptions of what Dr Steiner called the Aetheric Christ--and didn't make much sense to me. Until I heard Tazo's lectures 1 - 12 repeatedly. I have now listened about 10 times each, and took notes when I at last understood the main theme of each lecture. This series has changed my life more than any of the others, and I have heard most of them!! Highly recommended" A Student

"Having studied about Mary Magdalene for many years, I was skeptical about what I may find in these lectures. Would it go against what I've learned so far? The answer is no. Eugene took everything I knew and expanded upon it, enlivening the information with spiritual insight that can only come from true communion with the spiritual world. I found my thoughts soaring, heart racing and soul nourished as I listened to 0531 and 0532. If you have any curiosities about Mary Magdalene, her gospel, her role among the disciples or her relationship to Jesus and ultimately to the earth and heaven then please listen to this series. The depth of knowledge teamed with the life giving breath of spiritual wisdom will leave your spirit full. I have not finished this series and it is my first at the Rosenkruetz Institute, but I will most definitely finish it and enjoy many more. Do yourself a favor and learn about this remarkable woman and her role in the world as we know it." A Student

"The esoteric science is revealed! 2020 is the transition time from esoteric Rosicrucianism (alchemy) to exoteric (biotechnology). Modern microbiology and biotechnology scientists are in this stream, and need the balance that comes from the spiritual science as presented in this course in order to prevent a mess due to poor "fermentation". Lecture 10 is the culminating description of this revelation:  vaccines being demanded and created by modern females; Divine Feminine Natura-Venus and why CR finds himself in the dungeon needing to grab the rope she dangles to him, i.e. the modern masculine/feminine principles. This course is essential knowledge for today's RKI students." A Student Review of Series 105 The Great Pandemic of 2019,

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