Just to introduce our work to you.

  • Rosenkreutz Online School hosts our classes online and provides a place for our community of friends to share together.
  • The Rosenkreuz Institute represents our research team of the Rudolf Steiner Translation Library of Rick Mansell audio.  This is the research and prep of 2000 audio tapes made between 1939 and 1983 in Los Angeles by Anthroposophical Researcher Rick Mansell who made this most important collection of study materials. The translations are unique and the compilation of manuscripts came from rare sources as early back as the 1930's and represents the Rosicrucian-Anthroposophical spiritual movement in California at that time.
  • Our Esoteric name as the Temple Osiris School and Community is so named as a commemoration of the work of bringing this research into the light of day and It shall remind us of the ancient myth of Osiris who is rescued from the realm of the dead by his sister consort Isis. May your soul be inspired as well to the gifts of the underworld for it is through their blessing that we in the land of the living have our true life.
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