Can One Ever Get TOO BIG!

Dear friends, 

   Friends, we have a huge database and library of nearly 4000 Audio Lectures and a research library!!! What am I going to do? HELP! Actually I am fine!! Just kidding,...but please read on. I do want to share the work, and so maybe you can help us grow in another way!  No matter who you are, you are eligible and you don't need to know everything in our courses, that can come later.

  You are getting this email either because you bought a course or were curious about our school. Either way, you are at least a little familiar with our work here. I want to be very quick to the point, and it is too exciting to keep it in, I want to share with you a unique opportunity to host classes using our study materials. And you don't need to study or know everything because I will coach and train you

It is not your knowledge, but your kindness, it is not big words, but correct words, and it not for you to be perfect, but to keep in the spirit of trying.

For those that have studied at least one course, you have the opportunity, if you want it to open your life up to the possibilities which I will explain in the next email. (so click the button below in order to get the email).

For those of you who have not taken a course, and are interested in an investment in your career,  but want to take at least one course, then you can also be part of this next phase, which I will explain in the next email. (so click the button below in order to get the email - and please select the right button for you).

Thank you for reading!! And looking forward to sending you more information (and you can always opt-out anytime) so don't wait one more moment!



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