God --- the Father?

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I have just found a note from many years ago which includes:-

 "God - the Highest Initiate from Saturn T
he Holy Spirit -the highest Initiate from the Moon."

There is a LOT to go into to get a feel for all this but my first question is...

If our generic idea of God is this great initiate then can we say this is God the Father?
 if this is God the Father and we have something connected with Saturn
 is it correct to say this is Father Time?
 of this is Father Time then does this have anything to do with the Time Body that is a topic included in a recent series?

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  1. Father Time
    Indeed time is a God. In the Greek myths, the Titan Cronos is also Father Time. The Archangel Michael is also in the most sublime sense a Time-spirit.  And one should ask in this, what is the feminine? And there we come to the great mystery of spiritual nature, whereas in the Time spirits we have a clear-cut idea form or concept, but not until there is the feminine nature, the thing cannot become born, or manifest. Not until the Goddes, hidden in the depths of spiritual nature, is stirred into action, can the fertilizing power of the Time-spirits come into form and life.  In our modern teachings, the two cosmic principles must be pondered and meditated upon for our world advancement depends on our finding balance of the soul, and worthiness of life, through the truths found in spiritual knowledge.
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  2. listen to lc 1 of 0107 for many insights
    at the time this oracle was given I didn't understand how it related to the search for the Self. In conversations and revelations during the past 9 months many loose threads have been repaired in my soul-substance. So, here are a few new questions/contemplations: 1) due to the immaturity of human beings we were given simplistic pictures and stories, children's "fairy tales" so to speak. Hence the Garden of Eden, the God the Father picture (which is raised to new importance in Islam), the 10 Commandments, and many other examples. 2) Then came the father-leaders of the tribes/communities and later villages/cities. (One very interesting thread is to follow the cultures of matriarchy vs. those of patriarchy for example.) 3) So, perhaps it's more appropriate to call Jahweh the Step-Father instead of God the Father, since it had to be a female who was the original Creator. 4) Lc 1 discusses these original principles in terms of who feeds the child/creation, and further the debt due to "labor" that turns us all into "slaves": the child to the mother, and the mother in debt to the father of her child. 5) What is wonderful in the change in human development is Jesus teaches us to be FRIEND (one who lays down his life) as well as SERVANT to all--not a slave as in our modern pejorative meaning--and this is what St Paul actually wrote in his letters. 6) Reborn Muslims make up most of the congregations in organized evangelical or emotional "Christian" churches. 7) Many many modern artistic expressions of leaving the father and the mother (which of course is one of Jesus' main teachings): my favorite film "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" by Zeffirelli about the life of St Francis of Assisi (the reborn Judas according to Dr Steiner); "7 Pillars of Wisdom" by Lawrence of Arabia which details WWI and the tribal thinking/patriarchy of Muslims; much music of the 1960's and 1970's such as Cohen's song "Suzanne" lyric "Jesus was a sailor who walked upon the waters, and he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower, and when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him he said "'all men will be sailors then--until the sea shall free them....'"
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