New Series of Lectures on Spiritual History !!!

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Studies in Manichaean, Christian, Islamic, Vedic, and Buddhist streams of spirituality and the emergence of the Self.

When the Greek empire of Alexander began to disintegrate, there arose many idyllic cultures of the most amazing mixtures of Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Taoist, and Jain spiritual centers. These arose in the 1st century of Christianity and it became a struggle for the various religions to harmonize within those pupils of the mystery centers. Beginning with the Christian impulse of the birth of the soul in nature, we shall explore the emergence of the self in the Historical Religious climates of the ages.

In this series, we shall explore the old Persian-Greco Empire of ancient esoteric streams of spirituality. We will focus on the Eastern Spirituality of Hindu-Zoroastrian-Manichean-Christian-Buddhism of the 1st Christian centuries after Jesus until the rise of Islam in the Persian Empire to the West. We shall study the rise of Islam in Egypt and Israel and in the subsequent centuries their impact on the Eastern and Western Greco-Roman and Persian empires. The final segment will be to analyze the foundations laid for the Grail Kingdoms and the emergence of Central Europe in the 17th Century and the new Rosicrucian Christian stream in the 12th century and the destiny of Central Europe.  This foundation course of 12 lectures will provide insights and understanding for the present configuration of the human soul and the emergence of the Self in time. 
There will also be opportunity to add more content to this course.

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    I am listening to this new lecture series and it has already been so amazing! I highly encourage other students to come and join! 
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    I completely concur! I love the fire-y rose cross meditation in #3

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