Rosicrucian Christianity

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Dear Friends,
  I am preparing my lectures from Easter 2021 into an online series.  In order to prepare us for further esoteric studies, I wanted to present to you two lectures by Rudolf Steiner to serve as a basis for an understanding of the work here at our school.  These lectures are open for discussion here. Below is the link:

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  1. Re: Rosicrucian Chriatianity

    Greetings to fellow students! 

    It has been many years since I first encountered these two early gems of Steiner  from 1911. And with the additional years more understanding of the themes  has arrived thanks, in large part,  to the work here in the RKI.

    Just the mention of 'alchemy" prompts me to revisit  Tazo series #8 - Cosmic Alchemy and #9  Alchemy of Man but there is so much more from those 1911 that has been expanded here at the RKI since those early talks that there could be a long journey through some more of those earlier Tazo series! 

    Steiner refers to the harmony of thoughts, of love and of deeds+intentions that transform us and result in some external effects as substance transformations. That might be considered one aspect of alchemy. And we have heard in the very recent RKI series  how  this sensitive interplay and harmony also transforms nature in a different way through the nature spirits; something that is only very indirectly mentioned in the 1911 talks even though the nature spirits were often mentioned by Steiner.  

    And the 1911 talks also show us how the Rosicrucian stream begins as a tiny unnoticed spring high up in a mountain. As it flows becomes a tiny brook, a creek, a small stream,  a larger stream, then begin to joins other streams until it we can imagine it eventually becoming " The Mighty Mississippi"  - or Amazon River or perhaps Nile- as they were in their true and untouched state. 

    Perhaps we see ourselves here in the RKI as if on a stepping stone in the flow of time?  We watch the events of the world around us as they cascade past us as flotsam and jetsam ( so often) but the water flows and flows underneath it all, and carries it all to a destination it can determine even if that is a side stream. 

    And we have the observations by Geoffrey Hodgson for example, of some of the different elemental-beings which is another theme that is somewhat related, The brownies of England come to mind and some of the Scandinavian ones are different again such as the Jul-Tomten (the Swedish Christmas elf): it is a rich lore.

    Someone here in Australia said our elementals tend to be a bit more 'wild' but the biodynamic preparations bring a quite different elemental into being on the land where they are used. That might be something to be considered in the context of the series here such as in 0114

    This whole area of nature spirits and elementals could become a very rich field for a pool of experiences and information? 

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  2. Karmic-residues and Spiritual Advancement

    Response to the Lectures by Rudolf Steiner

    When an individuality such as Christian Rosenkreutz begins working, spiritual substances flood into the earth's aether, then there will be reactions that are consciously received for higher work; or fall into 'subconsciousness', and then come into the domain of backward beings.

    (Please follow this link to listen to the lectures: https://rosenkreutz.online/mod/resource/view.php?id=2644&forceview=1)

    These beings are only interested in doing the work they are given to do.  For some, It may appear as a threat to humanity, but also people are saturated in their own thought reflections which is 'karmic-residue' from previous ages - for example, the plague at the time of the 30 years war.  Steiner refers to this as a mirror reflection of the residual substances due to karmic necessity which has the power to advance the spirituality of the soul or create imbalance.
    Only through comprehending the work of Christian Rosenkreutz can this be balanced with nature and the spiritual necessities of mankind within the the framework of nature: It is Christian Rosenkreutz at the Damascus Experience which is to be present in the earth for the students. 

    When the spiritual organs and their substance are opened, it is to follow this light to the portal of spiritual nature.  If the senses are not brought into harmony, then the reactions which the soul has can be properly understood: those who are given the tasks to handle and work with the substances - these are the students chosen by Christian Rosenkreutz:  in any case, everyone - will have the task to develop the substances to the level needed in order to fulfill the tasks of the spirits of nature to work these substances into beneficial organs for our higher spiritual nature.  If you want to talk about this further, then let's do it.  
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  3. 2nd Lecture is now Uploaded

    The 2nd lecture is now been uploaded and is available.


    If you liked the lecture please leave your feedback, comments and questions here.

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  4. Re: Rosicrucian Christianity



    The Remembrance here is of the time when Mars was joined with the Earth-nature and deposited the element iron.

    Please explore our audio series and lectures for in-depth Oracles about the history and connection of the soul with the forming of nature. In the lecture by Rudolf Steiner from 0928-1911 about the New Knowledge which was inaugurated in Earthly culture beginning with the 15th century, it was the task of the students of Christian Rosenkreutz and the Rosicrucians to understand the layers of the soul and see in them, like the rings of a tree trunk, the aetheric life-body of the newly forming soul garments for the students of this spiritual stream. Their life-bodies began to change and to reveal the memory of nature and the connection it has to the human soul-spiritual nature. 

    For more information on our Oracle series, or if you would like to register for courses, then please write me at friendtazo@gmail.com.


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  5. icelandic volcano video
    yes this video even gives us a feel of sharing a ringside seat with these people.  Given that we have some  other volcanoes currently eropting high into the stratosphere at present, this Icelandic event is a special experience
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  6. 1911 Rosecrucian History
    What a beautiful impression. Hearing these two lectures from Laura, as our great Mother Isis spoke so eloquently about the divine importance of continuing this great and infinite work. I am simply elated to feel into all the beautiful colors, the purple and rose gold hues that resonated all around. Simply majestic.

    Thank you for sending me the link, and ever so gently listening to the sound of the pouring reigns within my own soul.

    I bless you , Christ in you.

    May all beings be free from suffering.

    Love and adoration, Lissa Sophia 

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  7. Re: 1911 Rosecrucian History

    thank you. I strove to put the emotion into RS's words, usually it is left out when reading only the text (of his books). After I read "The Fifth Gospel" I realized how emotional he really was. . . I am deeply grateful for his work. And humbled to be continuing as part of what he made public for all of us, for today. He was a Rosicrucian through and through!

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