Easter Season Oracles

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Dear Friends, 

Our Winter-Oracles are now complete!  Today I finished uploaded LC5 of Spiritual Nature and the Spirit of the Feminine.  Here is a link to the Winer-Oracle Classes which are available for enrollment.  The lecture notes for all of these will be available in the Lecture Directory.  
  There are two questions I have for everyone here. Firstly, if anyone would like to comment on the Winter lectures, please do. 
  The second question is this. I would like to hear from our students and friends about possible topics for the upcoming Easter-Oracles!!!  This is your opportunity to discuss and share ideas and even discuss together the Topics for the inspirations and imaginations for our Oracles. You are also welcome to message me privately too.
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  1. Lecture topics

    Here are some Topics that are unpublished and have at least one lecture in them already.

    Greek Gods and Goddesses III
    The Upanishads II
    Spirits of Nature III
    Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity

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  2. Spring oracle series

    Yes I like GGG III and the Spirits of Nature III, as well. Although Ramadan is coming up so I'd like to hear one oracle on that in April, after Easter.

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  3. Student Reply
    Hi, Eugene! To answer your questions about the Winter lectures is that these lectures have been so unique and incredible! Giving lectures at specific times during the year I think provides a lot of depth of feeling and knowledge. These Winter lectures have been amazing! I feel so much more connected with nature and the Spirit because of these lectures. In regards to your second question, I would love to see the two lecture topics of Greek Gods and Goddesses III and Spirits of Nature III. Really excited to see if these becomes future lectures! 
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  4. Revelations

    I suggest a new course topic on the book of Revelation. In line with this, look at what was discovered!!! the skeletons of Jewish rebels over 1900 yr old, some of us!!??


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