The 7th Epoch

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These lectures are extremely powerful.

I have a number of questions and points to elaborate as conversations as well.


First, here are a few observations and reflection that may build an image and a background context.


The first (and a bit of a long one) – is about the 7th epoch and its working out today people who are awakened to challenges of these times..


The 7th Epoch has been described by Steiner as the Anglo-American epoch and the one that will be presided over the Archangel by Oriphiel. It is described as an epoch that will spell trouble. RS said that Oriphiel last presided over human affairs when ancient Greek civilization crashed and burned.


We are indeed right now in an era when the Western civilization at least is crumbling at its moral, economic and legal foundations. We are also seeing the beginnings of new world-wide challenges such as the pandemic first, than the economic implications of the lockdowns of 2020 ie a world-wide economic recession - that are starting to be felt in the advanced economies of the world, than we have in the background of this two wave, the impacts of the various climatic changes including forecasts of global cooling (rather than the much talked global warming) and even behind that the threats of bioterrorism in the form of engineered viruses and gain of function research, and then not too far down the timeline, the imminent impacts of the incredible advances of artificial intelligence and the still in secretive research labs, the attempts to merge humanity with AI devices.


In these lectures, we hear that the 7th epoch is ruled by Scorpio  and that Isis has entered the House of Glory and that Scoprio moves in the fields of consciousness.


In earlier forum conversations, we discussed that the Manicheans, the people of Zarathustra have reincarnated in mass at these times. As from 21st December 2020, the Great conjunction was astrologically at 0 degree Aquarius – an air sign.


We also hear in the lectures that the original form of feminine creation was fire – and elsewhere we have spoken and celebrated the emergence of the Divine Feminine and its aspects of creation bringing to those who are prepared a new power of rejuvenation.


Can you elaborate further on the current  tasks, challenges and approaches and protective preparations for those like ourselves in this school as well as what may come up to our fellow mostly unsuspecting humanity, ie our families, friends, acquaintances etc.

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  1. The Mysteries of Scorpio
    Dear User, Thank you for the questions!  the series you speak of must be 0111 The Mysteries of Scorpio.  This series gives us a lot to work with. 
       I have seen many things regarding our spiritual future.  What I see in my spiritual visions are beautiful things regarding the paths of the students of the spirit. I see warm light-filled soul natures and the physical form falling away as we ascend into an invisible aetheric realm with a deep and rich consciousness.  I see a portal opening and there are at its portals disciples of light on the path These appear to guide and assist, and very wise companions and friends. I see flowing healing light that will flow into us healing substances and also give us great strength and courage to heal and assist others.  We may teach those interested (especially mothers and children) to seek to learn the path of knowledge we teach, and to find the portal of the warm light of the shining spirit. Animals and plants also need our spiritual emanations, and these will assist us in finding the portals where the healing rays are flowing.
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  2. Warm Light-filled Soul Natures
    I would love to follow that beautiful discussion with an entry I read recently from Rudolf Steiner in the book Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts.

    This vision of the warm light-filled soul natures is such a beautiful image to hold on to and keep close to our heart and souls. Permeating our heart and souls with this warmth and light always reminds me of the tenderness of the Christ. I am reminded of the Lamb and its white wool that is pure and light-filled. His eyes are filled with a warmth and beckoning call, take up your cross and follow Me.

    The quote from Steiner is the following, "When a man faces the physical Sun and receives from it warmth and light he knows that he is living in a reality. In the same way he must live in the presence of Christ, the spiritual Sun, who has joined His life into his soul that which is the spiritual world corresponds to warmth and light. He will feel himself permeated by 'spiritual warmth' when he experiences the 'Christ in me.' Feeling himself thus permeated he will say to himself: 'This warmth liberates my human being from bonds of the Cosmos in which may not remain. For me to gain my freedom the Divine-Spiritual Being of primeval times had to lead me into regions where it could not remain with me, where, however, it gave me Christ, that His forces might bestow upon as a free human being what the Divine-Spiritual primeval Being once gave me by way of Nature, which was then also the Spirit-way. This warmth leads me back again to the divine sources, whence I came.' And in this feeling there will grow together in man, in inner warmth of soul, the experience in and with Christ and the experience of real and true humanity. 'Christ gives me my humanity'-- that will be the fundamental feeling which will well up in the soul and pervade it".

    As we can see, the souls that choose to walk the path of having their soul natures filled with warmth and light will hold within themselves a living and practical understanding of the saying: "Not I, but Christ in me". 
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  3. Spiritual Emanations Animal
    Hi, Eugene! What are some spiritual emanations we can give to the animals that we have in our family? This is a very exciting thing to hear, since I am getting a female English Cream Golden Retriever. Her name will be Freyja. Thank you for all your help and guidance! 
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  4. The Spirituality of Animals

    I just gave five lectures on the spirituality of Animals!  "Animals and plants also need our spiritual emanations, and these will assist us in finding the portals where the healing rays are flowing." 

    I wrote these lines because my neighbor has a dog, and I can feel the dog's spirit in the atmosphere, and inspires me with very important spiritual thoughts that lead me to higher spiritual beings in nature. I tried to write my response to the questions, but I knew it would be hard to write as I see. I tried over and over again. Then I saw a light with the dog spirit there. These spiritual nature beings, it seems, sent me a light to see spiritual things, and to write what I see. They are very proud in their statures, I have no idea how to relate them to people of the earth, but I know they mean well, but the nature beings wanted me to know this, i will try to put it into words: "....how frightful it is to be with insensitive and blind human beings all the time." and "How strange human beings don't study the spiritual things from me, (they hear and look at my thoughts while I write) ..." they don't understand that, for they showed me how animals repsect and learn from the wisest among them. And my dog friend wanted very much that I am a dog too, so he could learn as much as possible from me, even before everyone else! " such a brave fellow!  He told me "our us nature will breathe with you, our hearts will beat together....our eyes will see together, we shall run together, you will protect me as we go into the spiritual nature and you show me what is there." then the nature spirit said " we will show the portal ....come, it is our task for (spiritual) men to know it - write it, tell them..."  and so I wrote as you see written.

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  5. The Mystery of Wax
    Hi, Eugene! From the lecture titled "01121 - The Haunted House of Men and Nature" can you elaborate on the waxy substances of nature. Spiritual wax. Warmth and wax. Pictures and thoughts of nature. The hidden path of warmth substances of nature. I will have many more questions. This is a very interesting lecture series! Thank you for all your help and guidance! 
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  6. Waxy Substances
    These are substances which students of the spirit find in the spirit realm.  One learns to build with this substance.
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  7. Lines From my New Book

    Word-Strength or Word-Power

    Those who already feel the power of these worlds within them will feel the impulse to cleanse: to clear, and to work so that the astral body begins to activate within itself not only Word-Wisdom (which had to do with the fifth transformation of nature), but also Word-Strength which has to do with the alchemy of iron in the blood and the entry of the soul into the testing of the Lords of the Flames. Word-Strength or Word-Power becomes a man’s inner activity. With inner Word-Strength, he activates the power of the dissolution of what is hard and crusted, all that has been fossilized within his soul downward into the body burns away and the iron-blood remains and replaces the old body with the new. He can stand up erect in the spiritual waters, where all other men will sink if they venture there unaided. And over time, the Word-Power dissolves the physical body itself, and it will be replaced by a purer body of finer substance. Man’s physical body will sacrifice itself in the spiritual waters, and through those waters will emerge the aetheric life body, and emerge as the new lowest vehicle for Man. These Spirit Men will have already established the spiritual community, into which will go the previously physical men. For a time, they will live in the most exalted state of consciousness and being. The future of mankind and the next stage of development will be revealed in this realm. It was in anticipation of this time that St. Paul called Christ-Jesus the second Adam, the newly born Spirit Man (First Corinthians 15:45-47 KJV).

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  8. Word-Strength and Word-Power
    Hi, Eugene! Could you help explain why the word Word is associated with Word-Strength and Word-Power? Does this have anything to do with the Christ being the Word? Does this strength and power come from the Him? 
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  9. The Divine Word
    The beauty of the human nature is how it loves the pure word-nature within it - if it uncovers it, or seeks to know it and follow it to its source. When the path is clear, the soul can see into the spiritual nature and to open the place where it n go and experience the Word nature. The Word of the soul leads us to the Word-nature. It knows it because it has been born from it.   It is a pure place.  In it, it creates thought, feelings, permeating and radiating warmth, and these send rays of warmth to the spiritual vehicles imbuing them with life, even to the physical body.  It is that one thing that appears in our nature that feels as Divine substance. If it is in our will and desire to be like it, then the Word-strength, and Word-power as spirits of the Word-nature appear as aggregations of thought in the soul nature and work as powerful agents of goodness, reflection, balance, and inner fortitude.  This is how we know from within we are able to have Divine life as Divine Spirit. We feel as the fragrance of incense is to the glowing light. This Word-nature permeates the entire soul with its mas of blessedness. From it is comes the voice of wisdom to protect and guide the spiritual soul to drink and feed. It reveals pure love, gives guidance, and teaches how the substances of love and wisdom are multiplied from it.
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  10. Cell Biology
    In the series of Oracles Cell Biology and World Evolution lecture 12, there is an amazing commentary at the beginning of the Oracle about the help of the Archangel Michael and his host of Angels that have 'come to assist us, so we are no longer alone...'. It was very moving to hear as I was editing it just now.

    Note: You are all welcome to Register for the 12 Lecture Oracle series, just follow the link above (you will also get a bunch of free things, when it is your 1st registration in an online oracle series!!!).
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