Nobody Told Me....

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I was preparing the 3rd lecture for the series on Cellular Biology and World Evolution
In the lecture I came to a reference to John Lennon's Song: Nobody Told Me There'd be days Like This!  I thought you would like to get a glimpse into the past, so here it is.
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  1. Re: Nobody Told Me....

    Here are the Notes of the Lecture by Eugene Passofaro of 062221

    01063 062221 The New Biology and the Science of the Invisible Life-body 77m


    Healing and the desert.

    The Voice of Female Nature

    The arising of the female voice. The voices of the mothers in nature.

    The Lords of the Elements

    The Rosicrucian mysteries. The gathering of the mothers. The cyclic regeneration of nature.

    Nature and Man

    Does man have any power over nature? The path of fire in nature and the arising of human power. Nature and fire.

    DNA and Heat

    Protein and heat in the living being. The Six billion protein combinations of DNA. The sense of nature and streams of invisible substances.

    Breath and Nature

    Life forces in nature and how they arise. Discovering the path of the life forces. The different paths of the aetheric substances.

    The Invisible Life-body

    Invisible forces of nutrition and how to measure them. The senses of the body of the spirit nature. Cells and invisible forces of nature.

    Materialistic Thought and Invisible Nature

    The deficiencies of materialistic conceptions. Thought reflections and invisible nature. Thought forms and invisible nature. The dangers of materialistic reflections. The hidden math of the life-aether.

    The Mathematics of the Spiritual Bodies

    The hidden mathematics of the spiritual nature. Spiritual Conceptions and mathematics. The Mathematics of the Life-aether.

    The Existential Life-nature

    How Far Can the Soul Extend itself? Passing into the realm of the extraordinary. Following the soul into the extraordinary. The path of existential life-nature. The true 'existential'. The ontology of our soul existence.

    Secrets of Water

    The greatest hidden discovery of water. Secrets of water and the aether of the earth nature.

    Cosmic-Thought and Science

    Modern models. Where have modern thoughts come from? The origin of thoughts? Cosmic-thought and cellular creations.

    The Soul-nature and Cosmic Fire

    Cosmic-fire and the aetheric-life nature. How spiritual substances sync together to cosmic rhythms. The question of the soul and nature. Cosmic-life and the rhythms of the life-aether. The musical forms of substances.

    The Spin of the Soul

    The spinning of the soul-nature. New spirituality and the 'old spin'. The discovery of the higher power.

    The Shadow of Soul in the Spirit-nature

    The Ghost of the being nature. The shadow of life. The touch of life and meeting the shadow.

    The Rose

    Meeting the Rose of nature.

    World Health and the Human Female

    Beauty and nutrition. Female Nutrition and hidden substances of nature. The glow of the soul nature. That which 'increaseth sorrow' see Ecclesiastes 1:18. John Lennon “Everybody's smokin but no one is getting high” . The Social distancing edit in Harry Potter.

    Recovering Vitality through Spirituality

    Human rejuvenation and the power of the higher nature. How to go beyond the borders of the normal. Intelligence and the path of spiritual nature.

    Sheaths of the Astral Body and Rejuvenation

    The powers of healing forms. Secrets of the Sheaths of the Astral Body and powers of substance rejuvenation.

    Imagination and Reality

    The value of reality. How Demons form in the spiritual nature.

    Cosmic-Rhythms and the Life-aether

    Homeopathy and the rhythms of the life-aether. The science of the circadian rhythm. Genome medicine. The path to the mother rhythm of nature. The path of the sound aether. The significance of the sound aether. The direction of the life-aether.

    The River

    Secrets of the substance creations of a river. The journey of the river and the opening of our spiritual nature. The initiation of the watery-substances. Viruses and water. Aging and the soul-nature. The material of the thoughts.

    Entering the Spiritual Plant Portal

    Spiritual paths of the elements and Spiritual Crystals. The spiritual Plant Realm. The path to the portal.

    The Human Immune System

    Is there HIV in the covid virus? The research of Luc Montagnier regarding Covid-19. Covid-19 and the the immune system. The immune system and the HIV virus. Mononucleosis and polio. The mysterious trail of the HIV virus. The contamination of the world blood supply with HIV. The extraordinary nature of HIV. The eight year cycle of HIV.

    The Trumpet Sounds

    The prophecy of the book of Revelation. The call of the trumpet. Reading the sign. The trumpet sound and the spiritual fire. What to do? The value of our spiritual soul and our spiritual knowledge.

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  2. Is there HIV in COVID-19 Virus?

    Luc Montagnier in 2020 first called attention to the Mysterious 'dissolving away' of the protein sequences (see the link to his quotes from last year). I gave the lectures in the summer of 2020 for course 0106 Cellular Biology (follow link to register in the course of 12 lectures) and I was editing 3-4 today and yesterday from 9 months ago, and was doing some follow-up research: and I remembered Luc Montagnier telling about the vanishing genetic code, and I found a report from a lab stating they had found the deleting of genetic sequences.

    "In a recent study published in the journal Science, investigators from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine demonstrate how the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) eludes responses initiated by the immune system by selectively deleting tiny portions of its genetic sequence. "

    "The deletions of code take place in a part of the sequence that encodes for how the spike protein is shaped. Due to this, the neutralizing antibody is not able to grab onto the virus. Additionally, because the mechanisms which usually catche these types of errors is blind to the sequence that is gone, it becomes cemented in the strain’s genetic material.

    "You can't fix what's not there," Paul Duprex, director of the Center for Vaccine Research at the University of Pittsburgh and senior author on the study said. "Once it's gone, it's gone, and if it's gone in an important part of the virus that the antibody 'sees,' then it's gone for good."

    The neutralization-resistant deletions were first discovered in an immunocompromised patient who ultimately died from the virus, but was infected for 74 days before hand. This is a long time to have the infection, which provided plenty of time for the virus to mutate. Investigators than moved to see if the deletions in the viral genome were occurring elsewhere throughout the world.

    After looking over a database of SARS-CoV-2 sequences that was collected from sources all over the globe, the team noticed that deletions were following a pattern and were appearing in the same spot in the genetic sequence. The area where they were occurring was allowing the virus to change its shape without losing the ability to invade cells and replicate.

    "Evolution was repeating itself," Kevin McCarthy, an assistant professor of molecular biology and molecular genetics at the University of Pittsburgh said. "By looking at this pattern, we could forecast. If it happened a few times, it was likely to happen again."

    The strain that was identified in the Pittsburgh patient was still susceptible to neutralization by a treatment with convalescent plasma. However, the evidence uncovered may show that the virus will escape therapies in the future, although it’s impossible to know when.

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  3. Re: Nobody Told Me....

    This lecture draws the line between Science and Esoteric Science and is the foundation for the Development of the Rosicrucian Spiritual Science and explains the reasons for its creation. This lecture is found on this series 0106 Cellular Biology and World Evolution

    01064 070720 Secrets of the Spiritual Elements of Nature 56m

    Nature and Man

    The Lords in nature. The The path of reality in nature. The path to see the real in nature.

    At The Grave

    In the graveyard. The woman in the graveyard. The graveyard of the world nature.

    Christian Rosenkreutz

    The task of womankind and Christian Rosenkreutz. The secret of the sixth element. The missing parts of the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.

    Spiritual Aspects of Nature

    The spiritual elements and the aetheric realm. Aetheric substances and how they form. The source of aetheric substances. The definition of the path of esoteric knowledge. The evidence of the esoteric knowledge. How to sort out the esoteric from the general.

    Rosicrucian Spiritual Science

    The path of the esotericist. The path of the esoteric substances. Rosicrucian Science and esoteric knowledge. The path of esoteric science. The reason of esoteric science.

    The Mind of the Esotericist

    The transformation of the mind. Why? The esoteric path and the reason for it. The arising of the extraordinary powers of the spirits of nature.

    Cupid and Christian Rosenkreutz

    The hot tapper. The secret of the Cupid in the Chemical Wedding. The path of blood and the Sign of the Hand. Paths of the esoteric elements and Rosicrucian Spiritual Science.

    Soul Development and Nature

    The blood of the wound of Christian Rosenkreutz. Viruses of the mind.

    Wounds and Inflammation

    Toxic substances. Blood and cosmic activity. The path of fire and infection. Invisible elements and infection. Soul elements. Blood and soul.

    The Wounding Tapper

    The wound received by Christian Rosenkreutz. The sting of the tapper. Why does Christian Rosenkreutz receive the wound to his hand?

    Insects and Healing

    Mosquitos and flies. Ancient medical therapies. The healing powers of insects. Insects and toxicity. Animal Creatures and their hidden esoteric powers of nature.


    Founding a new science of the sexes. Creating a new foundation of knowledge.

    The Water Initiate

    The esoteric elements. Secrets of spiritual powers of water. The prophet on the river. The waters of life. The seven streams of the spiritual rivers of the invisible earth nature. Water and germs. The secret of the clear body of Christian Rosenkreutz.

    Lipids and Viruses

    Rosicrucian spiritual science and lipids. Secrets of Lipids and spiritual substances. Consciousness and lipids. Viruses and toxicity.

    Secrets of the Graves in the Castle of Christian Rosenkreutz

    Secrets of Christian Rosenkreutz and the meaning of the wound from the tapper of cupid. The secret of the 12 graves of the castle.

    The Secret of Venus

    The regeneration of the goddess Venus. The secret shedding of the blood. The death of the rose. The rose with the form of the pentagram. The genomic progression of the pentagon.

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  4. one of my all time favorites!!

    He's with us!!!! Today's world reminds me EXACTLY of that time, in many ways.

    Yoko's now 88 (an Aquarian) (in poor health, I'd love to meet with her just to ask a few questions and to say thanks)--and has handed over the business she has overseen for 40 yr so magnificently to their son Sean.

    Sean is a wonderful interviewer (of Paul McCartney in particular recently) and his dad's sense of humor comes out brilliantly in the end of https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8937139/Yoko-Ono-87-hands-business-interests-Beatles-John-Lennon-son-Sean.html  Sean and Julian are very good friends, from the videos with the 2 of them the past few years.

    This family of artists did so much to influence the entire world from the early 1960's through today. They have each sparked much spiritual activity in their own ways. "Grow your hair for peace" John said, so we did. Today's long-hairs (even if it's not past their ears) give me hope for our present and our future.

    (Yes, I know all of the criticisms of each of them, but I always focus on actions or effects rather than what they are accused of. So much good has resulted from their lives, and the Spirit can use everything: for either compost or food.)

    "Imagine" was awarded the Centennial Song Award in 2017

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