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Hi, Eugene! One of the things I learned with being a Freemason is that one of the word origins for the name of “Freemason” comes from the Egyptian name of “phree-messen”. Which means “Child of Light”. This term I feel applies to all of us at the Rosenkreutz Institute. We are all a Child of Light. I feel this very strongly. This term is not something owned by Freemasonry and I feel anyone of us can be a Child of Light. Nevertheless, this is my point of view and it might not be shared by everyone. Eugene, do you have any thoughts on this?! Thank you for all your help and guidance! 
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  1. Children of Light - Phree Messen

    This word is supposedly, as recorded by Max Heindel, a term coming from ancient Egypt and describes the priest initiates of Isis. Also this relates to the earlier epoch of Taurus-Scorpio.  Many more answers are then to be found in 0110 Isis and 0111 Mysteries of Scorpio , but also my current series 0113 Spiritual Nature and the Spirit of the Feminine.   

    The mystery has to do with a spiritual creation in the present time by a special forming of being in Spiritual Nature. These are related to the orbit rotation of Uranus and the Comet which is coming in December 2021. These have been drawn into our line of orbit by the spiritual beings directing our earth from spiritual nature.  And it is joining with the powers of the beings of Venus where the comet will pass and deposit a fine aetheric substance.  Our school has been given the task to disseminate the knowledge of these things.  The Virgin in the heavens 'clothed in the Sun' is the Comet of coming into the vicinity of Venus.

    Everyone is invited to register for our Classes here see classes beginning with 0108

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