The Mystery of the Count of St. Germain and Christian Rosenkreutz

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have a wonderful topic to discuss in our school. I think all of us, maybe not all, are familiar with the individual of Christian Rosenkreutz and his significance in the spiritual movement of Spiritual Science (e.g., Anthroposophy), as well as our school here. In some stories, St. Germain was reportedly at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and was the unknown individual known as the "Professor" who urged the men gathered at Independence Hall to go forward with the signing of the document and start the American Revolutionary War and their search for independence. Also, he was supposedly selected to be on a special committee by the Continental Congress in 1775 to create the design of the American flag. Which was then given to Betsy Ross to execute. Yet, despite all these amazing and tantalizing stories one question remains in my mind. Rudolf Steiner spoke hardly anything about St. Germain, but had written dozens of lectures on his earlier incarnation as Christian Rosenkreutz and St. John the Divine (Lazarus). So my question is to Eugene and our school here, was Rudolf Steiner given guidance to not speak about St. Germain? And if that is the case, why?

One remarkable thing that we find about the St. Germain is found from the following book titled the "The Temple Legend" by Rudolf Steiner:

"What the Whitsuntide Festival symbolizes, the underlying principle from which it receives its deep inner meaning, is preserved in a single manuscript copy which is to be found in the Vatican Library, where it is guarded with the greatest care. To be sure, no mention is made of Whitsuntide in this manuscript, but it certainly tells of that for which Whitsuntide is only the outer symbol. Hardly anyone has seen this manuscript, unless he has been initiated into the deepest secrets of the Catholic Church, or has been able to read it in the Astral Light. One copy is possessed by a personality who has been very much misunderstood in the world, but who is beginning to interest today's historians. I could equally well have said ‘was possessed’ instead of ‘is possessed’, but it would thereby cause a lack of clarity. Therefore I say again: a copy is in the possession of the Count of St. Germain, who is the only existing source of information about it."

Could this be a hint from Rudolf Steiner? And if it is, what is this document? What is its meaning and why did the St. Germain have access to it? 

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  1. The Search of the Count of St. Germain

    Hello Sean,

      Here is the link to the series of lectures, and original poetry and music. https://rosenkreutz.online/course/view.php?id=183#section-0

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  2. The Mysterious Manuscript

    Dear Sean,

       The question about this manuscript is very difficult to explore. As you can see, the only evidence given here is about 'initiation into the deepest  secrets of the Catholic Church, or one who can read it in the Astral Light.  : "Hardly anyone has seen this manuscript, unless he has been initiated into the deepest secrets of the Catholic Church, or has been able to read it in the Astral Light."

    And that which follows give us the clue to the puzzle:

    "I could equally well have said ‘was possessed’ instead of ‘is possessed’, but it would thereby cause a lack of clarity. Therefore I say again: a copy is in the possession of the Count of St. Germain, who is the only existing source of information about it."

    The Count of St. Germain is the author of the Document. And that solves the riddle because only he can both possesses it and 'to have possessed' the 'one copy'.

    Does that help you solve the riddle?

    What I think is most remarkable is that the inference is that the document is:  known to have a secret importance, or is known to be composed by a remarkable and yet unknown author, and is also very much valued by the Church. But I believe he is saying by 'astral light', that they only can admire it, but cannot decipher it's secrets yet.  The secret is only known by the author, and further, only he/she, or anyone 'initiated' by him can do that and then can decipher it.


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  3. Pentecost 2021

     I think have discovered the document!  It was mentioned in a lecture while preparing the Mansell audio in  888 on count St.Germain !!!
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  4. News- The New Book!!!

    Dear Friends,

       The New Book manuscript I am writing on the Count St.Germain is nearly finished!  This has been a huge amount of work getting the flow of the words but also looking up the people, places, and events is amazingly time-consuming - but it is going to be worth it.  I will post here the link for getting it and also for sharing it with everyone.  I used well the massive computer systems available online. Also, more details of the research are already published in the series 107 Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism (use the Seach all Class feature under 'Classes' in the menu bar or email me eugene@audiblewisdom.com and I will assist you in enrolling.



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  5. Is St Germain the Bodhisattva of Europe?
    Is St Germain the Bodhisattva of Europe?  This certainly ties everything together and makes a lot of sense. I also want to point out that the Bodhisattva is important to a wider group of peoples and cultures than maps reveal as 'Europe'. Europe, for these reasons, must be considered an 'esoteric land' now. That is very important for us to understand. One has to penetrate behind the veils of illusions in order to fetch out this knowledge.

    But there are  other ways to find support for this thought. There is a good deal of evidence in his teaching on alchemy.  But also I want to go into something very wonderful too! Lots of the secrets are revealed in the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.
    Perhaps we can imagine that In the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz the events of the castle point in esoteric language to the birth of SG? But now the question is this: what is the occult difference between CR and SG (St Germain)? As an external manifestation of CR and then on the other side, there is the esoteric aspect. And the most peculiar thing is that maybe we have come upon Bodhisattva of Europe?  These are very important for our modern students and the progress of the world. I did this research because of the questions raised by our students. Their voices are also the same as the silent voices too. We want to know this because it is not only knowledge but also the road, the way, and the Light.  Having them all in our personal experience is also to know what at one time came to the many students of the Rose Cross. According to this document, and in seeing it in the light of the Emperors, Lords, and Princes of the castle of Christian Rosenkreutz of the Chemical Wedding, then there is pictured there the three castles of the distant hill. These must represent Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism (notes can be purchased here). My lectures on the three give a balanced and spiritual perspective of the 'three castles' we need to understand. I have begun lectures on Islam, Christianity,, and Buddhism II because the subject is very deep.  Now, at last, the pieces of the puzzle can now be assembled back together for us. It is rather time-consuming and even painstaking, but the work is done.

    These Mysteries are found in my Book St Germain and the Rosicrucian Mysteries.
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  6. Series on Islam, Christianity and Buddhism
    It took me a year of deep study and meditation to complete this series of 12 lectures. Follow the link to get the notes from the lectures. It is a digital copy and contains links to the Hall of Wisdom.  Please share it on Social Media.  It is right now ranked in the top #100 (#82). Follow the link and read more. It is Fee with Kindle Unlimited.   Also, see below the Notes from the series Christian Mystery Centers,

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  7. More things Everyday!!!

    Dear Friends,

      Great news! The book on St Germain is an initial success. For all of you 150 people that got the book either free or as a purchase, can also extend their studies by taking the online class. In the class are discussions about the Count, and the research into the names, places, people, formulas, .... etc. The extensions of the work will unlock for you some of the greatest secrets of European history. 

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    The Gospel of Mary Magdalene : Notes form 12 Lectures Given January 2015 at the Rosenkreutz Institute by [Eugene  Passofaro, Friend Tazo]

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