Tasks of the Age of the Archangel Michael

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Hello my Brothers and Sisters, 

I would like to begin a new discussion from the developing events that we live amongst today. Today, as the Michael initiates we have an important task before us. We have a stark dichotomy developing right now. This dichotomy is the differences in the valuation of love. Our brothers and sisters of humanity outside our school, not everyone, but most of the modern humans today, have a terrible dis-ease. This dis-ease is the different perspectives of love and human freedom. I would have to say Rudolf Steiner in his book Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts foretold what we are seeing today. In one portion of humanity, we have people acting through self-love (Ahriman) and another portion acting through love for the action (Michael). We hear the common term today of people saying and recommending to people, "I think you need to go find your self". To an untrained observer this seems like a very stimulating and energizing path of development. Yet, there is a sort hollowness to it. It sounds pretty, but rings with falsity. There isn't much substance to it. When we seek things in a purely intellectual way we lose ourselves. As Rudolf Steiner eloquently put it, "If, when men unfolds his freedom, he succumbs to Ahriman's temptations, he is drawn into intellectuality as if into a spiritual automatic process in which he is a part; he is no longer himself. All his thinking becomes an experience of the head; but this separates it from the experience of his own heart and the life of his own will, and blots out his own being. Man loses more and more of the true inner human expression by becoming the expression of his own separate existence; he loses himself by seeking himself, he withdraws himself from the world which he refuses to love. It is only when he loves the world that man truly experiences himself". Yet, let us compare this to the Michael experience. "When man seeks freedom without inclining towards egoism - when freedom becomes for him pure love for the action which is to be performed - then it is possible for him to approach Michael. But if he desires to act freely and at the same time develops egoism - if freedom becomes for him the proud feeling of manifesting himself in the action - then he is in danger of falling into Ahriman's sphere". With having read this quote, my question is to the students here, what is it going to take to bring this understanding to fulfillment? When will the new religion of love begin? When will the Michael Prophecy be fulfilled? Where will it start? Has it already started? What does Michael expect of us? Are we doing enough? Is there enough of us? Why is there so little of us? Why is there so little of us and why are there so many of our brothers and sisters of humanity walking in darkness? The Michael Age will end in 2400 B.C. Is this the end of one era and beginning of a new era for humanity? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please join and share. I will continue to add additional quotes from Steiner's book to help continue the conversation. Thank you!

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  1. Intellectuality and Ahriman

    Dear Sean,

      It is an amazing thought you have brought forth here in this discussion. Perhaps not all our readers know of this spiritual being called 'Ahriman'.   A discussion about the nature of this being is therefore essential to not only understand the ideas that have inspired you so, but also in a way one can see how it is easy to define it in the nature in which it is found to be working in.  One can come to this same experience with a number of special substances, but 'glue' comes into my thoughts.  And as It is only one among many, I do not think it exhausts more possibilities, but will hopefully inspire us with more reflections on life.  But I want to express this one, since it has come into my thoughts, so it must have some meaning there - aha I have it.  The substances are those which we can also comprehend as the tendency for men (males and females) to 'stick' to old patterns of thought, represented in 'programs' 'science' 'logic' 'dogmas' 'religions' etc and all of them claiming to 'unify' or bring 'love' or 'peace' or 'goodness'.  And from the logical, 'stick to the program' method, this would indeed work, but so does a camel work, at least in theory, until one is in the real substances of life.  And so I believe all men are feeling they have something to say, if only they had the words.  It is my aim at this school to provide words that inspire and revitalize our minds and to aggregate our thoughts into powerful substances and materials. We can reflect: just as a glove is used when using glue, and then 'glue' is no longer a dangerous substance.  Men need lots of reflective thought in order to work with the new substances that are now present in our lives and now also in our atmosphere (aether). And of course it is invisible, and also for that reason, spiritual. There was a time when the spiritual was better comprehended than today.  The balance which is needed is found in our modern teaching and without a balance, the in-comprehended spiritual aspect is as a huge weight to the other side, and all the more tire-some too, because of it. The soul faces itself in a state of spiritual weariness because it lacks just that spiritual teaching which is found in our teachings.  One could in the past balance thought with feelings etc, but that time has now past.  One could ask about this 'aether' and 'atmosphere'.  That is one of the core teachings in my lectures.  Our atmosphere, as 'nature' is changing because the  teachers are now able to integrate new substances into the life-stream of the earth. These substances were not available previously in the earth nature.  A teacher of a high order knows fully, and in a conscious way that this is occurring.

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  2. Michael Spirits
    In my new 5 lecture series the 0114 Spirits of the Elements, and 0113 Spiritual Nature and the Spirit of the Feminine (see Winter Oracles), these inspirations were clearly from the Michael Spirits Teaching of Nature and in it comes forward the teaching through spiritual vision of the astral sheaths and the Nature Beings and Spirits. Also in this context please see Rabatak Inscription.
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  3. Love and thought

    Dear Sean,

      A wonderful discussion! 

      I have lots of thoughts too!  But one that came to mind straight away is 'Love' and the 'control' of love.  Just some inspirations.   What is nice to contemplate is : Philosophy is Love of Sophia vs Love of Woman; and has, in a way been interpreted by the wise men of history as seeing 'lust' as different from 'love of soul-spirit', such as men of wisdom are for us.  Not that I agree with it,  as I am in the spirit of the modern age; and that means I look for the light of Spirit today that reveals the path to the future, and at the same time try to comprehend the wisdom of the past. And so I have developed some new perspectives.

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  4. Re: Love and thought

    This is the ‘mantra’ I was given a few decades ago when asking the same inner  question. It has been my nearly daily self support and building of inner strength and courage

    ‘To carve out a world historic destiny, by carrying out in the correct manner the rightful aims of the Time Spirit (as in Michael) in accordance with the specific tasks demanded by the age, within the evolution of human consciousness’

    It applies to every individual who has the willingness to step forth. First assisted by a cohort of Michaelic Beings of all natures  and then over time by a trusted inner team and others in the physical as we cross paths and share experiences.

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  5. Mantra
    This is an awesome mantra. I am sure those who are seeking the path will also find a great value in using this mantra for centering the mind and opening the eyes to the spiritual nature.
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