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Hi, Eugene! I have fascinating question to me that I learned about recently from Rudolf SteinerRudolf Steiner points out that the Master Jesus incarnates every 100 years to continue his impulse, which is synonymous with the great task of spiritual science in “preparing human beings in such a way… that an ever greater number of people can receive a reflection of the Ego-nature of Christ Jesus” (GA 109). My question is, is the Master Jesus incarnated at this time? And if so, is it a physical incarnation or is it a spiritual incarnation?
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  1. Lords of Flame and Harmony and the Coming of the Master Jesus
    A very important question. And in regards to the work of the Master Jesus, he must work in our soul nature and also through external nature. This is a great mystery. If we are able to feel the breath of nature to be filled with spirit-life then also our breath learns to make the healing breath, and is the 'breath of life'. This may be seen as infinitely more important than a physical incarnation only in so far as the 'candles are lit', and if they are not lit, then they must be lit by an incarnation as a candle is for the flame. There are 'Lords of Flame' and 'Lords of Harmony'.   These are souls of a living light, and appear as one harmonious spirit-light are also different in that they are advancing souls and are colorful and fragrant. This light comes from eternity, and is as life's flow of time. Our human nature, in this way, becomes lighted, and becomes in itself a warm divine flame.  this flame is brought to our world by Jesus of the Realm of the Lords of the Flames and Harmony.
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