Change and Spiritual Nature

Dear Friends,  We here a lot of confusing things today in the news. It is actually quite to be expected. One can expect such things.  Why? Nature is changing.  For some it is mankind and for some it is nature. But in reality it is everything together. Nature is as a vessel of all the life. And according to the time of nature, nature is moving us into Spiritual Nature.

And so I want to open this topic for our discussion of Spiritual Nature.  The path is certainly opening before us, here in our teaching.  And it is a very exciting event for us and everyone, and for the future of the world creation.

Everyone is wondering, everyone has many questions about the present time. And one can ask: what is the connection thread in it all? And the answer is in any case, our make-up is evolving. These changes are indeed spiritual and the main fact about it is that these changes have to do with the living bodies we inhabit. The main instigator in change is 'chaos'. So we see the chaos in those minds of people that feel the change is at out doorstep. And we must act, that is the fact.

As we want to participate in changes with nature, we might also awaken the wrong paths in our Ancient Memories. The Ancient Memories are connections to the Vibratory materials in minerals and plant materials in special matrices. These matrices are formed in nature and along esoteric paths they enter the human organism. And the attraction they have to us is going to be dependent on the soul nature we have with and the spiritual elements that we are able to introduce into our nature. Does this Sound like a lot? Actually it is one of the main arguments to reinforce the importance of spiritual studies in relationship to the invisible substance materials. Why? It is because the invisible materials are able to be 'sensed' only when we have the power of thought developed to such an extent that it matches in vibration and frequency those higher building materials which come through the atmosphere. If you want to place before yourself an example of this, then imagine how a bread yeast is cultured. It arises by setting the mixture of flour and water out to absorb the starter (the spark) of yeast. This is very natural and also very specific too. Now imagine for yourself the unnatural conditions of modern society. It is a very visible and obvious imbalance of soul vs nature - and we can ask? Is this really the way of nature?

Certainly it must take a lot more than whims and wishful thinking to create a man in nature, but truly, is it not important to take a time away and seek to balance your self, soul, and inner being with a Spiritual Teaching about nature? This has been the tradition in all cultures and societies, including Christian, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu, Hebrew etc. They all have relied, heavily relied on teachers and prophets that acquired their wisdom by being in nature.  Not one of our modern 'scientists', leaders, politicians, 'officials' etc are of the same idea about this. We can expect those who sell pizza will also promote pizza! And the spiritual teachers promote their path because they are on the path.

 A person that teachers swimming, mountain climbing, boating, canoeing, hiking, fishing, all of these are variations of the same spiritual teachers as Buddha, Jesus, Chief Joseph, Lao Tsu, and Mohamed. In fact, if we want to experience their real beauty as men, we expect to meet them in the wilds.

John the Baptist was called a teacher in the wilds and was a 'wild' man. We have to realize the depth of heart, knowledge, and the light in their eyes when we see them on our spiritual path, in our soul, and hearing them or feeling them to guide and instruct us as to the path. And what comes into us out of nature is spiritual substances. None of this can come to us in a hospital bed in the same way.

There is no doubt about the value of the medical staff, politicians, and otherwise leaders, but the men of the wild have a greater role to play in the future health of men than we currently imagine, and as the present condition of life reveals. Something is not working, and the people need to get out into nature and be men as natural beings and experience as much as possible and choose to learn from those who have iron strong immune systems without pills and drugs.

Drugs can only do what the Sunlight or the fresh Water do! They are chemical replacements for the same things that happen in nature. But nature has a full spectrum of impressions to give, and those are separated by the hours of the day and night. Drugs do not replace nature, they only are a 'piece' of it, and never can supply the full spectrum of streaming forces which actually control hunger, sleep, sexuality, moods, and inner spirit. 

To study these properly, one needs knowledge of spiritual nature. I want to invite you to my new course Cellular Biology and World Evolution. Cell Biology and World

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