Uluru - the Magical Birth Place of the Sun !!!!

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Hi Tazo,

Among all the Cosmic and planetary alignments that have led us to the culmination of the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ this 21 December 2020.

Also, highlighting the Astrological saying that solar year 2020 is the true beginning of the 21st century and observing the ‘counter-forces’ out-there attempts through this pandemic year to strengthen their control.

I want to share on this list an event that is centered on Uluru here in Australia and which has been called for, for this very same date.

I am attaching an article for consideration and to open the conversation here.

Among the many points, in this article, i highlight here the comment, similar to Steiner’s in Occult Science that ‘the sun is born from the body of the earth’

“For Aborigines (Original peoples), the Sun is female and is born from out of the Earth’s body. If a cord from the Earth to the Sun is ritually constructed and worked with, then the love and nourishment of the Earth will flow as a blessing to maintain the life and health of the Sun. In return, the Sun sends its own blessings to the Earth through this same umbilical cord.”

See this Amazing Article!!!

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  1. The Great Ngaltawaddi Ceremony at Uluru

    Thank you Paul,

    This is a very important post for all of us here at the school! Our work and blessing will also flow with this most sublime event coming up on December 21st. 

    Let all of us at our school be blessed by this magical power of fertility and healing which the Sun will focus for us, and send illumination of the inner door. It will stimulate our blood and into it will flow fresh substances and then further into our dreams and revitalize our Spirit Nature with life-spirit.

    Our work now begins now in this new Dawn; for this is the Dawn of the Age an of the New Spiritual Nature. Just as the inspirations for my New Book - Spiritual Nature and the Divine Feminine are being written in these most Holy Days so all of us are seeded with angelic substances to feel at this time.  

    Even though a separation of the streams of humanity are occurring, Our faith in the Spirit of the Earth and the Blessings of the Spirit in Nature are all the more strong and revitalizing. 

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  2. Good Morning !!! the Day/Night before December 2st

    Dear Friends,

      I wanted to send you this post so that you could see into one of the external events that came to us here friend one of our long time students in Australia.  I also lived for many years in Australia. There is a very deep magic on this continent, so I will tell you some things about it.

    I lived in a place on the sea (see the picture), and I love riding my bike along the oceans edge in the sand. On Easter one morning I ventured into a very sacred area call 'silver sands' because the sand had a magic silver color to it, and I had never ever seen anything like anywhere else than there. And the vegetation, the bottle brush and eucalyptus trees were exceptionally beautiful in the silver sand because they also emit a strange silver aura too.  I woke up early and decided to go to the silver sands and experience the spirit there. And as I entered on the path I could feel something to call from behind me, and as are the spirits of creatures, they speak in this way, I knew my eyes would see something incredible, but I had no idea what I would see!  And there before my eyes were two silvery colored kangaroos, and a little 'joey' (joeys are kangaroo children) in the mothers pouch. It was magical because they had no fear, as everyone who has seen them in the wild can tell, they move very casually and gently with nearly human gestures. And they communicated as spirits of nature. I did my meditation and they jaunted away with their long beautiful limbs.   I knew I had seen a life lasting experience with the spirit of the Land.  And many times, in my dreams since then, my soul has walked in the Silver Sands Garden on the Ocean in South Australia and now, you too can travel there. My destiny was to come to California, which is also a piece of once larger land we know as Australia, and as the ancient land of Lemuria.

    I hope you like my story this morning and please read Paul's message and follow the link there and read more on the Eluru ceremony for tomorrow!  Please come back here and leave some comments in this forum.

    I hope to share more stories from the Australian Land of the Earth's (very important) Dream-time.

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  3. The Egyptian Mysteries of Thoth Hermes
    In this year the planets Jupiter and Saturn will align together in Aquarius (see my lecture on Aquarius ) !

    The revelation of Aquarius is in the motion of the Sky over the Earth, and remember the earth is considered 'water' symbolized by the two waves. these two waves are also the Two Serpents of the water-fire mysteries. The breath above is from the earth belly, or womb of time, and the breath below is the fertilizing astral fire. The Secret teachings of Heliopolis Egyptian Temple was also the place where Jesus grew up, so it is significant here to bring this sacred mystery in alignment with the Australian Aboriginal Ceremony.

    Nut Giving Birth Nut is the Sky goddess and gives birth to the sun in the morning and consumes the sun at night.  Nut, in the nights after the 21st will give Birth (the Rebirth) - for they are not in every year Born. Hermes/Thoth god of the Moon has to bring them forth by Hermes who is able to steal the forbidden Sun Fire from RA.  The forbidden sun fire is the fertilizing fire-breath, which changes the inner substances - and for those who are not ready, it will 'burn them' and give them 'inflammation' and inflammatory lung conditions. The fire that burns in them has not been mastered by true spiritual knowledge. 

    Luke speaks of the fire sent by Jesus Luke 3:16
    "John answered, saying unto [them] all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire. "KJV.

    John was being prepared to become the initiate of Aquarius: as "the Water Bearer'' was John, meaning he was initiated into the mysteries of Pisces, next he would enter into the Mystery of Sagittarius which is the Sign of the Healer and the Mysteries of Chiron Prometheus.  And then came the arising of this mystery configuration, and from it would arises the bearer of the Staff of Healing and restore septre of the law of the Righteous Priest-lords of the Flame, who are now invisibly present in the earth aether.   They are the healers, the physicians of mankind, but also are the Righteous Lords of the Eternal Light.  And so Aquarius is the sign where the healing of the fire mystery is restored through the souls of those who have formed their souls to receive the aetheric-fire in their soul body.

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  4. Isis and the House of Glory

    Isis and the House of Glory

    Thoth, who won the Light of the Moon made 5 Children with Nut the Sky with the moon-light. He became the new God of the Moon, and his 5 Days of the Moon-lit nights are remembered in the Mountains of the Moon where Isis and Osiris were born. The Eye of RA could not see them there, as there were beyond the Days the God of the Sun had made. 

    When Isis wandered the world weary and hungry, she came to the House of Glory, but Glory would not let her in because of her protecting animals which accompanied her. These creatures were made from Oblivion, and so out of Oblivion, Isis had spun the creatures of the Cobra and the Scorpions to assist in hiding her, and protecting her. The scorpions went back to the House of Glory and entered her house and stung the child of the mother of the house of Glory, and he died. 

    The mother mourned her child and Isis came to her and told her the reason for the death was she was shut out of the House of Glory, but if she let her come in, then she would say the words and the breath of life would come back into her dead child. The mother let her in, and Isis commanded the spirits of the poisons to come out of the Body of the Child and they obeyed her, and the Child arose from his Death.

    The mother praised Isis, and Isis from that time comes to mothers, and others too, that have need of her healing powers and words of wisdom.
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  5. Listening Series for December 25th
    I will continue with the themes of the Uluru Rainbow serpent in new lectures beginning the evening of December 25

    Listen Online!

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  6. Re: Listening Series for December 25th

    Hi Tazo,

    I have been listening with delight to the lectures on Uluru and the Triangle of Fire.

    I have also some stories to share about some of the more anecdotal aspects you mentioned that may contribute to adding to the background of these lectures:

    1. The struggle of the aborigines with their spiritual powers:

    Judy and I were good friends with Uncle Bob Randall (who crossed the threshold 5 years ago (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Randall_(Aboriginal_Australian_elder))


    He lived in Mutijulu, the aboriginal township opposite Uluru and was one of the ‘guardians’ of the site. Judy and I spent a week at his house there a few years ago and as we needed a permit to ‘stay’ in the township then, he registered us as ‘Family’ ... which symbolically remained as such.

    He told me that the ‘Old Men of Power’ had retreated in the background in the 1920’s. We had discussed many times his interest to start a Waldorf / Steiner school on his own family land, but that did not eventuate as yet.

    1. Although, it never worked out that i meet with Burnum Burnum when I lived in Sydney in the mid 1990’s  - he going on sudden walkabouts when I planned to visit him etc. (His girlfriend at the time was an acquaintance of mine). He was also a member of the Anthroposophical Society and attended at times the Christian Community services). I had an unexpected direct experience of him after he crossed the Threshold. And heard from him, for a few years, his vision of a 1000 Steiner schools in the outback to link old Aborigine spirituality to modern spirituality (thus my very initial motivation to meet with Uncle Bob Randal (see above)
    2. A friend of mine in those days who at one time was a nurse in Northern Western Australia told me a similar story of ‘bilocation’ about an old Aborigine man who was her patient at one time, when she was transferred some 400kms away from the clinic, who ‘visited’ her  in the new town the next day. He was in bed unable to move and she flew to the new location!
    3. Old cultures / civilizations being in contact with Aboriginal Australia

    You may remember the discovery of Egyptian hieroglyphs in Godsford (NSW) 


    or the pyramid in Gympie Queensland)


    (Edited by Eugene Passofaro - original submission Sunday, 27 December 2020, 7:18 PM)

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  7. Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Australia
    In my lecture where I mention the connection to the mysteries of Uluru, it cam as a pure inspiration while giving the lecture. There was much for me to see in that, for I realized the 'river' had formed of the substances of 'Dreamtime' and it became so that I could go out on it. And so I am continuing to read and immerse myself in 'the stream' and speak (in the lectures) on Isis and the Mystery of Uluru.  But also, it is very important that you post this Paul. 

    And I also have found something. I found an Egyptian Hieroglyph showing the goddess Nut over Australia. As you heard in the lecture, I realized she was 'backwards' and so I went looking for the 'other Nut' and found the Temple Relief showing the Australian Nut.  And this is very important for those who are 'Called' to work in the this Mystery.

    Lecture three this morning on Isis and the House of Glory....
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  8. Re: Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Australia


    Can you elaborate on your following statement:

    “ I found an Egyptian Hieroglyph showing the goddess Nut over Australia. As you heard in the lecture, I realized she was 'backwards' and so I went looking for the 'other Nut' and found the Temple Relief showing the Australian Nut.”

    1. Was the hieroglyph you saw in spirit or did you find a picture online?

    2. What do you mean by ‘the other Nut’ and the Temple Relief showing the ‘Australian Nut’


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  9. Nut

    Here it is Paul.  

    Here is depicted many secrets in picture form.  See 0110 Isis and the House of Glory (more classes? use the search feature under the Tab Classes->All Classes)

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  10. Re: Nut

    A few interesting information for contemplation:

    1. Re Uluru and Kata Juta: “These magnificent rock formations are actually a lot bigger than they appear – like icebergs, most of their mass is below the surface. Uluru and Kata Tjuta are only the tips of huge rock slabs that continue underground for up to 6 km
    2. There is underground water found at a depth of 25 meters near Kata Juta  dated from modern to 7000 years. Is this similar to what is called Primary Water?

     (re Primary Water see for example  



    (similar to California’s Primary Water and the area where the Rosenkreutz School lies?)

    In the nineties, I was told the following indigenous prophecy by the Uncle of Burnum Burnum 

    That one day Alice Spring (450kms NE of Uluru) would be under water.


    “Uluru and Kata Tjuta started to form about 550 million years ago.

    Back then, the Petermann Ranges to the west of Kata Tjuta were much taller than they are now. Rainwater flowed down the mountains, eroding sand and rock and dropping it in big fan shapes on the plains. One fan was mainly water-smoothed rock while the other was mostly sand.

    Around 500 million years ago, the whole area became covered in sea. Sand and mud fell to the bottom and covered the seabed, including these fans. The weight of the new seabed turned the fans into rock. The sandy fan became sandstone (Uluru) while the rocky fan became conglomerate rock (Kata Tjuta).

    400 million years ago, the sea disappeared. Rocks folded and tilted as the earth’s tectonic plates shifted. Kata Tjuta tilted slightly and Uluru tilted 90 degrees.

    Over the last 300 million years, the softer rocks eroded away, leaving the spectacular forms of Uluru and Kata Tjuta behind.

    Uluru is a type of rock called arkose. If you take the base walk you can see that the surface is actually flaky red with grey patches. The flakes are bits of rock left after water and oxygen have decayed minerals in the rock. The red is the rusting of iron found naturally in arkose, and the grey is the rock’s original colour. You can see Uluru’s original grey inside many of its caves.

    Kata Tjuta is made from a conglomerate of pebbles and boulders cemented by sand and mud. Most of the pieces are granite and basalt, which give the conglomerate a plum-pudding effect.

    These magnificent rock formations are actually a lot bigger than they appear – like icebergs, most of their mass is below the surface. Uluru and Kata Tjuta are only the tips of huge rock slabs that continue underground for up to 6 km!

    Download our fact sheet to learn more about the area’s geology.”


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  11. Uluru and Kata Tjuta

    Thank you Paul!  Really excellent....

    I have been continuing the lectures inspired from the first five from December 20th and the Uluru ceremony and the opening of the portal of the Rainbow Serpent.  In the lecture are descriptions of the esoteric meaning in the events which are now recorded in Australian Dream time. The Rainbow Serpent had to circle the earth in one cycle, and so I was able to follow that and record it in the lectures.  When I finished with the circle I came to the Aztec Mysteries of Mexico. Four days ago I began lectures on the Aztec Mysteries, Virgin of Guadalupe and the Mysteries of Scorpio.

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  12. The 5 Nights 20th to December 24th
    Dear Friends, I will be giving five lectures beginning tonight to add to this Ceremony Vibration for our School and joining with the Same in Eluru.  I had the inspiration this afternoon that our time begins with Dusk this night and will seed the atmosphere with the fine aetheric substances.  We will concentrate on this each coming night and provide five lectures.  If you would like a set of these lectures I will post them in the Lecture Directory, and for those visitors to our site, they can be obtained by writing study@audiblewisdom.com.
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  13. The Prophecy of John the Baptist and the Triangle of Fire

    "15  The people were waiting expectantly and were all wondering in their hearts if John might possibly be the Christ. 16  John answered them all, 'I baptize you with water. But one more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. 17  His winnowing fork is in his hand to clear his threshing floor and to gather the wheat into his barn, but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.' 18  And with many other words John exhorted the people and preached the good news to them." (Luke 3:15-18)

    The winnowing fork was used to clean the wheat and is also is symbolic of the Fire-Serpents or the Pan-demia. The ruling Sign is Virgo and is represented in the Golden Wheat, and the time is now, as 'the Harvest'!

     The planting of the Wheat is symbolic for the seed planting in the Water Sign Age of Pisces (opposite Virgo). Then the ages of growth and then comes the Harvest.  And now, the 'unquenchable fires' have already begun. 

    The Wheat represents the growth of the new soul in the spiritual nature. Tall and Golden they have grown in the rich light of the rays of the sun-wisdom.  This grain is made into cakes at the time of Christmas and brought to the Temple to be eaten in the longest night for the assembled students. This symbolizes the gift of the spirit of nature and how she brings food for the candidates for the midnight ritual service. Without the work, there can be no harvest or food. The students meditate on the workers in the fields and the workers in the light. 

    In this celebration it is the young (Virgin) females of the village that bring the cakes of wheat and have candles lit in their hair in a corona and go in a Procession of Light carrying the bread and warm sweet drinks into the Temple rooms singing beautiful songs full of magical stories.  This festival is remembered in Scandinavia and is still celebrated on Santa Lucia Day.

    Let us also be very glad for there is a Great Harvest. That is the other side of this story.

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  14. Santa Lucia

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  15. Course Announcement!
    Come and participate in the World Ceremony of Uluru

    I am giving 5 Lectures on the Triangle of Fire and in it I will talk about the Uluru Ceremony of the Rainbow Serpent.
    These will be given during the Conjunction and join us with the creation of the Australian Celebration.

    Lectures will be available on the day after the evening for participants.
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  16. I have begun!!! Lecture Tonight

    Tune into our Center around 9pm PST

    We are on the 3rd night lecture in our series of Five very important lectures. 

    Enroll here to listen them World Ceremony of Uluru

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  17. Eden and the Triangle of Fire
    In my Book the Secret Teaching of Eden there is chapter on the Self of Focus.
    Something very important is in this Self.  In my New book of Eden this concept is taken even further.  There is also a connection between the Self of Focus and the Serpent spoken of in the teachings of Aboriginal Teachings of Australia.  In Matthew 10 is a prophetic treatise and that is included in our new revelation.   Tonight's lecture in the new series on Uluru and the Rainbow Serpent will bring out many more insights for modern seeking of the path of the spirit.

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  18. The Serpent
    Hi, Eugene! I have a question regarding the serpent in the Garden of Eden. It came as a form of inspiration. Did the serpent ever taste the forbidden fruit given to Eve in the Garden of Eden? If so, I think this might have a relation to the lecture series of 0108 where you talk about how we as students of Spirit can taste ourselves and our souls. That we can taste the knowledge of ourselves and the Spirit. 
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  19. Uluru Christmas Lectures Continue!

    Dear Friends,

      Since December 20th when we began the lectures on the Uluru Ceremony and the Triangle of Fire (0108) , inspirations led me further to see the mysteries of Isis and the series 0110 (use the search under classes and enter the class number) was born! Very important highlights of spiritual history came to light, but most interesting are the revelations on the 7th epoch!  So these lectures also, just like the Uluru lectures span the most important periods of our human dream time.  And the most beautiful feature appears in lecture 4 of Isis and the House of Glory,  but I don't want to spoil the surprise here so I will leave it for now, but please make a note of LC4 when you get to it, it is very moving!!! A little hint - an important message came from a Mexican Mystery Center to our Work here!

    If you want to get 5, or all ten lectures use this link: Order Lectures Here  there are 5 in each course, so ordering ten will get you the 2 courses, 5 gets you 1.

    Photo Gallery is Here

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