Hanukkah and the Triangle of Fire

In Judaism, the Festival of Lights, the Feast of Consecration, or the Feast of the Maccabees ; also transliterated Chanukah.

The Death of Eleazar symbol of Sacrifice and Heroism

The name means Festival of Lights, and is related to a very special story.  In the book of the Maccabees it describes the revolt of certain brothers of two clans that would become important in that they reinstated the Jewish Religious Traditions in Jerusalem. The Greek rulers had taken from them their Temple worship, but the clans revolted and set up an Altar in Jerusalem with a Burning Taper symbolizing the Light of God in the Temple. But the people only had enough oil for one day! But on the second day the candle still burned! And it continued to burn for seven more days. 

This became the celebration of Hanukkah, or Tanukkah, the Festival of Lights!  The eight-branched candle stand (menorah) is the sign and is a symbol of remembrance of the pervading presence of fertilizing ray of God's light to shine for us out of the darkness to give us inspirations, warmth of heart, guide us, and remind us of the power of love to heal and restore the flesh and the spirit in us to the harmony of the will of the Spirit.

In later history, the Romans after capturing Jerusalem took the Menorah and the Tabernacle to Rome as a trophy and symbol of the authority of the Caesars, and Temporal power over Religious power. They sought to prove that there was no god in nature. It is very clear that the legacy of Rome is this very important path to create a social materialism which they were given power and destiny to fulfill.  This power has now reached its zenith and has begun to wane.

The time allotted for this cycle of time also coincides with the Cathar Prophecy of the Green Laurel and the Great Star configuration of the Triangle of Fire of December 21st 2020.
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