Fire and Light

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Fire is most invisible and therefore also most dangerous in the day light hours when we cannot see it so easily, but in the night when the darkness is present we see the fire and the light most easily.  In scientific experiments with light, when two lights are shinning in a beam together and focused on a point, they cancel each other out and form a darkness where the beam is captured. 

The question: Is this a sign of a spirit in the light?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. 0832 - The Light of Eternity
    When we think about light in its relation to eternity one of the ways in which the light enters the student of the Spirit is through their sorrow and suffering. What really impressed me about this lecture was it helps show the proper significance and path of the suffering experienced in the student of the Spirit. Then, what most significant about it was that it shows in what ways the the higher self and Spirit works into the student, as well it shows the the correct way to go about the path. The student shouldn't try to numb oneself away from the pain, but to fully experience it. Truly beautiful! 
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  2. Light and Fire
    Very good. Fire is painful, and in illness the fire has gone from the higher spiritual nature into the substances of the lower nature. We are designed so that the passionate fire does not burn our inner organs, but in the events of recent times, people have broken down this protection. As a result new knowledge with a higher degree of intelligence and illumination had to be given in the hopes people would find it and make decisions based on the wisdom of the light of intelligence. As a result the light also lives in us in a deeper way, but it is painful. The spiritual knowledge available here at the school presents to us a path where we can perceive the goal. And that strengthens us on the journey there. Whether we arrive in a physical body doesn't matter then, for we have gone the journey together with dignity.
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