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Dear Friends, 

  In August 2021 I began doing lectures called The Signs of the Times and the Apocalypse.  The source of these inspirations came from of the Apocalypse as revelations to explain the path of the modern world and the path of the Spirit.  These are truly unique in content, as no other commentary that I know of explains the meanings in the images as these lectures.  There are 12 episodes in this Theme Series and may be Part I of II. These will prepare the listener for the next set of theme lectures called The Esoteric Teaching for Modern Students of the Spirit - which I will publish next.

These are really special lectures full of insights, and offer insights into the deeper meaning of the events of the present and how rise above them. The meanings provided are seen as The Signs from the Apocalypse: The Horsemen, the Plagues, the Angels of Light etc. 

Questions? Please feel free to write.

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  1. The Signs of the Times and the Apocalypse

    Dear friends and Students,

      I am on Maui in Hawaii at this time.  It is a very mystical experience for me, especially as I am editing these lectures for publication.  I feel this place is important for our world renewal through my soul work with the spirit of nature.  I can feel the weaving of the spirits of nature and also the fact that people from everywhere are here together in this island.  The water here flows over the rocky coral underneath for many miles around the islands. One can image the land masses that formed out of this area pacific ocean.

      This week I will be preparing the next lectures (2-12).

      The Next Series News!

    I am also editing the next series for publication called The Esoteric Teaching for the Students of the Spirit.   I feel very strongly about these two series.  They are full of soul strengthening insights for all of you who follow the Rosicrucian Path and seek to carry the light of knowledge, which has its source in spiritual inspirations, into the world for others to see.

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