Michaelmas and Our Awakening

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Dear Friends,

  It is a beautiful time for spiritual work, gathering experiences, preparing for the future. As we are students of Nature, you can feel the change of the season to breathe a new Life-nature into you. It may appear before your inner eyes as an imagination of what was and what is to come. These are important perceptions , when they appear, for they are signs of our deepening and widening progress as our soul feels the life of the nature spirits to join with our substances.

The light circulates in our nature and in a conscious way way we may feel our soul in the may changing colors. This is not the same as in summer, for the light is full of heat in its external activities.  But now, as the light is bending downwards, or upwards as in the southern hemisphere, we are stimulated in our inner being to swim and bathe our aetheric nature in the cool or warming beams, or streams of the thickening or thinning of the light substances.  These are certainly felt in the more sensitive portions of our life body, and making our awareness to open to them will bring rewards of health and calmness, and a strengthening of the aetheric nature. This will permeate the entire body with soul-filled light. Depending on our stage and skill of spiritual development, we may feel the whispering of the nature spirits that are busy in their work in nature, and the human natures that are open to further development than is normally experience, their bodies will open up to ever new experiences. 

Also, be sure to look for the signs in the nature around you. It is very healthy to walk with bare feet on the ground, and to feel the earth in body balancing gestures. Reach our with your hands to the stars and feel the light stream out from your hands and fingers, and then draw it back in to your chest and feel the heart speak in the limbs an audible AH sound, pause and lift up on our toes, and then reach and stretch out again to the limits of our hands.  Let the feeling of light stream our as warmth into the nature and feel as the waves of air are full of nature spirits underneath your limbs and rapping around your lower body to give you strength in your lifting upwards.

I hope everyone is feeling well in your spiritual growth. I have come to the idea, I must move into my future with all my heart and wisdom! Nothing (external) should stop me from going forward on my chosen path of spiritual awakening @ @

This season I am giving lectures on The Students on the Esoteric Path of the Spirit.  These are esoteric lessons and insights specially designed for dedicated students on the path of spiritual nature. There are many things that come to those who are willing to step away from the normal path and to seek a path with a New Karma.  It is a new spiritually that is here with us now. The old ways are slipping down and away, the new path is now visible for us to see and we need to hear about it! So please contact me, the link is below.

Email me if you are interested in getting these new lectures The Students on the Esoteric Path of the Spirit! eugene@audiblewisdom.com

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    The Michaelic Spirit! Beautiful!
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