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Dear Friends,

There are New Features at AudibleWisdom.com!  You can now sample my audio books here for free! But there is more!  Links to free things are at the bottom.

You may be asking this question: what is special about the audiblewisdom.com website? It has a Streaming Portal to make playlists! That means you can set your music or audio book to play in your personal portal, and it plays continuously! It makes listening very easy, you just select play and it goes through the list of audibles.  People have wrote me about how wonderful my music is, and especially along with the audio books they study. 

So you have two kinds of experience, the artistic and relaxed, something for meditation or yoga time, and even for lying down for a rest, or streaming on a road trip.  And I made it so that you can order the audio books at the most affordable price possible!!! They are all $6.95~~so anyone can begin an Audio Book Series and either complete one or listen in multiple Theme Books. Now isn't that wonderful?  So if you've been thinking: I want a course but it is lots of $$$$, then choose the AudibleWisdom Streaming platform for your listening to my audio books.  And please add a music album to your order

Listen to my recording of my original song from The Light of Eternity

All Audio Books at has free audio selections for you to sample - follow this link: www.Audiblewisdom.com/shop/

Everything is found in the store shop at www.audiblewisdom.com/shop/ .  PDF Books, Audio books, and Music.

Get on the email list here:  www.AudibleWisdom.com/eugene
Also a gift is there when you open the link!!!

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here on this thread!
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