Surprise!!! Open Sesame!

Dear Friends,    Great News! 

  If you only knew what went into this, you would not believe it is now available !!!  Read on....

  Here is something really special !!! My third book in now available for everyone! It is called The Philosophy of Consciousness. What do you think about that title?

  It is packed with deep insights for modern spiritual consciousness soul development! (is that a mouthful?). Not to worry, you will manage it.  This book is deep, but also full of techniques for inner strengthening of the soul. It will only make your inner brain muscles grow stronger and ideas you never thought possible will flow into your awakening spiritual sense organs!  What a great thing right?

This book is designed to develop your soul and at the same time to give you a concrete grasp of the inner potential and power of Thought.  So you have two things going on at once: one - the development 2 - the story line. And these work together to give you lots of inner power. You will be able to apply the thoughts learned in this book in just about everything you do. That is because it is written at the top level of our mental framework. It is a journey, and you will feel the climb.

After you read this you will think more clearly and feel a power rise up within you that you could not previously put your finger on, but now you hit the mark!

 So don't hesitate a moment and get this new and exciting book The Philosophy of Consciousness. For those interested in understanding the work of Rudolf Steiner better, here are found the tools to grasp the 'consciousness soul'.

I can't imagine anything more important for modern spiritual consciousness than the points and principles described in this book for detailing and making visible the consciousness soul, and the path of the spirit.

A book that will leave you in awe of
the powers you have in you, and can awaken.
This book will teach you how to awaken them

It may be the deepest book of our time
and contains the keys to your next steps in
inner development. 

The self that seeks to find itself on the other side of the world being, needs a spirit-life-body. Only Thought can bridge the two worlds.

The Philosophy of Consciousness is the story of crossing the worlds
of Thought and Being. 

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