Fire-side Friends Chat, Audio Books and Music!!!

Dear Friends, 

   I am so excited to show you these things!  I created a page for you and your friends. However, it is not on the Rosenkreutz School site.   

   I have been developing www.audiblewisdom.com. It has some features which are useful for music streaming. But I also programed it for my audio classes and audio books. You can now stream both music and my audio books (a single lecture is 1 audio book) from your personal portal. 

  The www.audiblewisdom.com site is great for a quick playlist streamer that plays the audio selections in sequence. It is great for meditation and work environments. 

  To get started please make your account at www.audiblewisdom.com and shop for a music album or audio book.

  Then I will configure your personal portal.  You will have a messenger for msgs to other logged in listeners and me!   We can chat about anything you like.   

Has anyone noticed how much faster the school site is now? I upgraded the processors! They are lots faster than before....

And stayed tuned, be sure to open the mail tomorrow, I am going to send SUPER NEWS !!! 

Please share this email with friends and forward it.

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