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Dear Friends, 

    Thank you for your continued interest in my school and publications!  And wow! The news only gets better!!! Read below....And thank you for your interest in our school and my work. If you have other friends interested please forward this email to them. www.AudibleWisdom.com is now updated with lots of new features to provide another kind of experience of my music and Audio Books than the Rosenkreutz School. All are welcome at both sites, but I want to point out the changes and new features available to you. 

The Rosenkreutz School

    Here is a link to the Rosenkreutz Institute online class information sheet.  It has very useful descriptions.  But it is not all there because I have added lots of new options for you!  

Audible Wisdom

  So here is the exciting news. I have added a section on AudibleWisdom.com called Music Player, and that is for streaming my music. It is a very easy to use and you can mange your own playlist and it will play on and on. Also you will notice I use the terms Audio Book, Audio Books, and Theme Books. I also noticed myself in listening my so-called 'lectures, are complete Stories. So this reflects in the Purchase Titles and the buying options. So now if you buy a one hour (from 40m-78m) segment of a theme series, it is also a complete Story, and a part of a Theme Audio Book Series. You can also order Transcripts of the story. And the next option for ordering is Class-Pak. Here is where we take apart the 'story' and study the thoughts and content at our online School. And the last but not least is where you can order a single Story of the Theme Audio Book, and listen to it in your Music Player, and that way you can choose the notes, or not, the online Class options.

What is different about the NEW CLASS offerings is you can get the 1st Story Segment of a Theme Audio Book for under $7!!!!  You can't beat that right? Now is your opportunity to show your support for my publications and get a NEW Story for yourself! 

 Follow this link for more details and the New Audio Book offerings


   The Best NEWS is I will release a new BOOK later this week called The Philosophy of Consciousness,  so look for my update! It is a beautiful work,

 Here is some more good news!  The Book I released just three weeks ago made #1 on Amazon for about a week!!!   In a very short time I will be making audio books of my amazon books too. Write me anytime for information on my books euegene@audiblewisdom.com

Thank you for your support! 


      #1 Amazon Best Seller

One of the most important questions for modern man is the relationship of one's soul to everlasting life, or re-embodiment. In the final lines of the John Gospel 21:21 Jesus relates to Peter while they sit around fire eating fish, and Peter asks what will happen to the beloved Disciple, how ill he die? And Jesus answers, What is it to you if I make him Tarry (be alive) until I come again - and specifically tells us that he will also die. 

Want to explore more of this? Get my NEW BOOK below! 

Reincarnation, Re-embodiment, and Christianity (The Philosophy of Christianity Book 2) by [Eugene Passofaro]


Eugene Passofaro!

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    Dear Friends,   

       The NEW AudibleWisdom.com is fantastic!!! And I added the option of getting my Audio Books there. Audio Books are the same as a lecture
    without the notes and forum links.  This is a great idea for people that want to listen to the Lecture as an Audio Book and stream it through the Music Player.  You can set your player to ON and it plays your music or the lectures you have there automatically.  This is wonderful for work or other situations where you like to have a continuous stream of music, my poetry, or the audio book (lectures).

    See the 087 Gnostic Christianity - The Cosmic Drama, The Logos and the Sophiaoffers here:  Audio Books, PDFs etc

    Audible News, and Email List - this is where you will hear about the new publications and daily specials for loading in your music player.
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