Book Review of The Philosophy of Christianity

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Hello everyone, 

I just finished reading Eugene's new book, The Philosophy of Christianity. Once I began reading it, I couldn't put it down. I finished it in just three days. This book gets into what the true philosophy of Christianity really is. It had such a refreshing feel to it. As I reflect on it, I can remember how it felt as if my breath was being revitalized. I felt that I was breathing this beautiful and nutritious air into my being. I was breathing in a light of the Spirit through this book. What I really like about the book in particular was not only the overall flow, but the inspirations of the book. I really liked how it worked in quotes from the Bible. Growing the "fruits of repentance" is one example of these inspirations and quotes from the Bible. This book has inspired me in many ways and I will be reading the book again. This book is such an incredible gift to all of us here at our school. I would highly recommend reading it. Truly amazing! 

Link:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09B2ZTGFK/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

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    The Dialogues of Sophia

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  3. Reincarnation and Christianity
    One of the most important questions for modern man is the relationship of one's soul to everlasting life, or re-embodiment. In the final lines of the John Gospel 21:21 Jesus relates to Peter while they sit around fire eating fish, and Peter asks what will happen to the beloved Disciple, how ill he die? And Jesus answers, What is it to you if I make him Tarry (be alive) until I come again - and specifically tells us that he will also die.

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  4. Do you like it?

    Dear Friends,

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    Reincarnation, Re-embodiment, and Christianity (The Philosophy of Christianity Book 2) by [Eugene Passofaro]

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  5. What's In it? A sneak peak.....
    Here are the seeds of a New Knowledge. It illumines the path of the soul through a Philosophy of Spiritual Nature. The next stages of the Natural Development of Mankind will come out of the Old Nature. The new spiritual body needs guidance on the steps into the sphere of the New Nature. This book reveals the steps and the stages to The bridge to the new nature.
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  6. Reading and Hearing
    Does anyone want to comment on your experience of reading my work and especially in contrast to hearing them?  Until a month ago, these were not available, there was not yet any books that were solely the result of my own hand. Now that we have two books written, can any of you that love my work, comment on the flow, and feeling of it?
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