Queen Söyenbikä Tartar Queen

Here is a beautiful work of art and an important story of the last Queen of Kazan of the Tartars.  The setting. Ivan the Terrible lost his wife from poisoning by the nobles of Moscow.  Queen Soyenbika was very beautiful and so he wanted her for his wife. He attacked the beautiful city she had made and captured her and brought her back captive to Moscow. He promised her, if she married him, he would build a seven tiered tower. She agreed. And he built it in seven days, but when the Queen went up the tower and looked out, she longed for her people and thought she couldn't betray them so, and so she flung herself from the tower rather than marry the Tsar of Moscow.

This story is also full of esoteric meaning, for the Queen is an important spiritual figure. She carries with her the bloodline of the far and south of Asia and the last of the Greek descended Queens of Asia.  Her story is also our story today for these are the spiritual mothers hovering over our world.

In my work on the emergence of the Self in time, there are descriptions for the healing of the peoples through understanding their cultural gifts through Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. It is a spiritual role of these people, which will come to fulfillment in our present through our openness to the Spiritual in Nature, which is over and above the world nature.

Eugene Passofaro

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