Finally after 13 years It's Published!!

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Dear Friends,

  Finally after 13 years I have published the long awaited 1st part of my Philosophy of Christianity.

Many of you wrote me about this manuscript. And it was very difficult to complete. And then one day I had the inspiration to publish a few chapters at a time! And so that is how we now have the first part of the Philosophy of Christianity!!!

And it is a very interesting work and I don;t want to say more because I want you to click the link and get it and then come back here and write a comment or post about it. I want all of you to realize how important a step this might be for an author to do.  I didn't understand the importance of a work such as this until I began writing it. Something magical happens to an author writing on the level of Rosicrucian Spirituality. You really have to get this book to know what I am pointing to.

Just try to think how much responsibility goes with a work like this? The Philosophy of Jesus? Nature and the Self?  Well, in this writing and your reading,  light turns on inside! And you might image I am doing the writing, but it is really the Angels doing the words, and revealing things for you.  You see I am writing about, the people, the love, the honor for their teachings, but the spiritual being are there saying: good! People need to know these things! 

It is a beautiful work my friends, so if you're wanting to see the work in print, and don't want to wait until your next life-time to get, then don't be shy, hit the link to the page and get it.

One person said: I don't like reading on the computer. My answer was: if you have a printer then you can print it, or print it at FED EX.  There are so many ways to read it.

And at this time our flames of light need to have fuel, and words and thoughts give light. But there is no better light than that which comes from your love shining back to me with your support for this work.  And with your BIG support, that tells me, pushes me into doing the next few chapters of the rest of the Philosophy of Christianity!    So let's help each other, and watch the WHOLE BOOK unfold! 

By the way, you don't know already, this is not your ordinary book on Jesus, right? You know that.    My aim in making this work is to show the Teacher, his gifts of Divine Spirituality, and to reveal that which is lost, overlooked as valid, or forgotten. I do not rely on anyone's views here but my own inspirations, as many have gotten in the very bad habit of copying thoughts and ideas. Views that are real are also expansive. So I expand thoughts and move us along and describe a real spiritual landscape for you.   What comes into my soul to see I am able to put down in words for you.  It is a beautiful thing for an author to make a person appear as fresh and alive, and as real today, as it was in the days long ago.




Eugene Passofaro

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  1. #1 and #2 !!!!

    Not bad for the first four days to be in the Top Best Sellers! And thanks to you, this was possible.  This work is an inspried work that breathes with a poetic wisdom that is very rare.  It is a Rosicrucian Christian work, and so it part of a great esoteric tradition which is now becoming public.

      If you haven't hit the LINK TO BUY IT yes, here it is : https://www.amazon.com/Philosophy-Jesus-Spirit-Self-Christianity-ebook/dp/B09B2ZTGFK/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&qid=1627334785&refinements=p_27%3AEugene++Passofaro&s=digital-text&sr=1-1&text=Eugene++Passofaro

    Give us your support and get it, read it, and post a review, and we want to know what are your impressions.


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