Another New Book!

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My book, The Philosophy of Christianity Volume 1 is coming soon!!!  Plus stay tuned and open your next emails for the links to more free things!   If you don't have an account, please do it now and subscribe to this forum to get all the email updates.

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  1. Student Response
    Eugene, so wonderful to hear that! That was the book you mentioned in your book The Secret Teachings of the Lost Land of Eden (which I’m reading again right now). I had meant to ask you about it, but had forgotten. So exciting! I can’t wait to read it the new book! 
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  2. The Philosophy of Christianity

    I am so sorry to make everyone to wait for so long. 

    But I don't think I could have completed this enormous task until now. The sentences are fluid and smooth! The content forms into a multi-layered depth because I have written in it over the 12 years!    At first I thought it was 'boring' and 'no one wants another Christian book', idea, but in talking with students they express to me over and over how much they appreciate the Christian revelations I am to put into words.

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