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Dear Friends,  

   The Rick Mansell Manuscript about St Germain is now available on amazon!  Wow!!!  this document is amazing too. I originally edited the audio ten years ago, and it was so compact with facts that I couldn't keep up with it. I thought I would one day research every phrase for the meaning, people and places.  It was an enormous task.  The names and words were ancient and archaic so the research took many painstaking hours. But now it is done! 

 I also smoothened out the text, and made links with notes for the entire content (available in the course 888). I also wrote two important essays for the work as this work led me to discover the source of many secrets of Christianity and the Rosicrucian Mysteries. This is published in the notes and also further details in my course of 12 lectures 107 Islam, Christianity and Buddhism which I highly recommend for deepening your studies of spiritual history. 

Why is this work important? It is the only work on St Germain that has clear indications of his occult role in the establishment of the Rosicrucian Mysteries in Europe. For that reason it is superb and brings many things together.  Rick's digest of Under the Wings of the Phoenix is excellent too, but the picture created from the extracts reveals the deeper story and surprises in it!  Don't wait ....Get the book today, it is very amazing.  In my editing of the document, I gave it the smoothening it needed so the esoteric content is made very clear for the reader. Also the text may seem a little funny, and that is partly because it came for the audio, and you can follow the audio with the text, so I didn't want to change that unless I absolutely had to.

Questions and comments? Post them here. 

Our school is very proud to present this document.  The audio edition is also available email me eugene@audiblewisdom.com , streaming or CDs.   If you would like an edition in another language, then please email me. 

Please follow the links below for ordering. 

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  1. I Just Thought You'd Like to Know This!
    Dear Friends,=, St Germain climbed the Amazon chart today to #54!!!  Thank you for your great support!!! Wow!   If you haven't gotten yours yet, then do it now.   I want to see this book as #1 ------ and I need you to get a copy and order, it to get there.  This is the first and only translation in English and so spread the news and show your support and also READ IT, AND DO A REVIEW!!! There are none up there yet, and can be first, the TOP of the Reviews!

    You can also purchase copies and send them to friends, and also share the links with friends. 
    If you already have the St Germain book, then get The Emergence of the Self in Time, it is an eye-opener, and full of insights.


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