Wow! 15 Years Ago This Happened....!

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I don't think I ever told this story to anyone, being that it is so clearly fresh and always in my mind. The spirit is timeless in me, it never fades, or grows old, I can't say 'it was a long time ago,' because it seems like it is like waves pouring down a mountain, and as soon as I am there, then I am back again to the fresh beginning! It is the magic of flowing KNOWLEDGE.  But someone PROMPTED me, they said: I want to take SERIES #1 (my first one). And it was so that every day I ever thought of it I was going to post it here, but do you know something....it has never been posted on the Rosenkreutz Institute...no not ever was it here. And so I want to say THANK YOU to our student Sean for asking about it. So I had to fetch it out of my oldest hard drive! And now it is posted!

But I have more good news, I had to write about it, and then I remembered how it can into being. Today it all seems like the rushing of this beautiful river that has now filled in a beautiful pool of water where I often go (inside of me) and sit there, and what is so remarkable is that external nature somehow registers that I am in this internal Spiritual Place too! She shows it in heavenly signs, bright and beautiful beams of light from the moon, and gentle cool breezes that walks up my steps and flow invisibly upwards as if a cat walked in and then brushes its paw on your chin.

Here is the story About Aether and the Golden Light
Inspiration Module #1
The picture shows the Golden-Winged Isis
Aether and the Golden Light is the beginning of the Inspirations of Eugene Tazo Passofaro. "It began on December 16 2007.

" I heard the voice inside of me say: now I am going to give you this Knowledge to give to others, call your students to you for lectures, tell them you are going to begin a New Teaching (they came for lectures to hear me speak from time to time ), tell them to come tonight to begin your teaching in four parts on the four spiritual bodies; and I will inspire you and speak in you, and show you, and reveal to you in visions what to speak about.   " I asked how many (lectures)? "They need to know about their spiritual bodies. When I hear them speak (in your ears), they make mistakes. You know their mistakes, I have shown your their errors when you walked with them, I inspired you to see their errors, and now you will reveal what I showed you and how to correct them. You will do four on the spiritual bodies of nature, with 12 lectures each;  one on The Aether Body, The Astral Body, the Ego body, and My Spirit in Nature. You will do 12 lectures in each and will do 48 lectures."  What is so remarkable is that she had taught me that the physical vehicle is reflected above, and this was the correct way to present it. I pondered the image for years and wrote it down as was one of the principal inspirations you will find in my The Secret Teachings of Eden on the Physical Body.  And so you do not have a series on the Physical Body as in any other form than the spiritual aspects and its very powerful spiritual nature is revealed in my work.  And here the fourth spiritual body is the Spiritual that is Invisibly Present Vehicle in Nature. That is my fourth Series.   I am certain I never explained this before to anyone, partly because I could not explain why I knew these things. I just wanted to present them as I saw them in the spirit.

"The people do not know about the spiritual bodies and you must instruct the students that come to you to know them as they are. Then your task will be complete."  TAZO  *Please remember this was 17 years ago, and so the words are like gold in my heart and I have to try more to express the feelings and exchange than actual phrases. So I reserve the right to use different words to express the feelings and visions that flood into the senses of a seer.  How do I know them? It is quite easy, actually; now consider what you would say if suddenly you found yourself in a bath of water? Wouldn't you say something like: how did that happen? or OH my!!! See how easy it is. When it is that clear for you too, and it is or soon will be, then we will all be on the same page together. And you don't have to be in the water to know how to be in or out. My experience was simple but important too:  I saw people talk about aetheric substances when they meant astral substances (of which there are many) and visa-versa.  I grew very sad in listening for as I have related, the more I listened, then this spirit inspired me with visions about how it should be presented, and how it looked, and what was really in it, etc. The many group meetings I attended only worsened as groups grew in numbers and mistakes were then exponentially multiplied through language. See my chapter about the MEDIUM of Language in my book The Secret Teachings of Eden.

That is how the 4 beginning lecture series of 48 lectures came into being.

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    Truly a wonderful and inspiring story, Eugene! Thank you! 
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  2. Wow! The Next one !!! ....You Gotta See it!

    Here, for the 1st time on the Rosenkreutz Institute is the series Mysteries of the Astral Body and the Desire Nature of Man

    Have you ever wondered when you hear the terms 'astral body' or 'astral' if people really know what they are talking about? Aren't these supposed to be esoteric subtle and invisible bodies? And suddenly everyone appears to know about them....and why not, who wants to be considered ignorant right? Wrong!  One should recognize the way to get knowledge of these things is from those that have gone down the path and are able to describe the details, the plants, the minerals, or forces of light, time, etc....and the astral body needs the same considerations in order for us to begin a foundation for our own true understanding.

    It was from asking people when they used the terms for the spiritual bodies if they could actually describe them (aetheric, astral, ego, and spiritual natures), and I found no one could say they had true and definitive experiences, but were really searching for clarification of these things.

    So I decided it was time to build up a real working knowledge of the subtle spiritual bodies from the ground up.

    That is how I created this series of 12 lectures on the Mysteries of the Astral Body. So if you're a teacher, or someone who represents the subtle bodies, then get this series of lectures. And by all means, if you are a beginner, and want to build up your knowledge through meditation, and the paths into Spiritual Nature, then this is where to start. It is the foundation upon which you will build everything which comes after it, and without this foundation, you will only be grasping at straws, and theorizing when you could be clearly seeing and perceiving.  Ignorance will leave you open to inner discomfort and disharmony because the inner bodies only awaken when they hear true words spoken about them and will wreak havoc and revenge if the truth about them is not represented.  One of the most tell-tale signs of ignorance is overinflated symbolism.

    If one hears, in oneself or in others. symbol after symbol, that is called 'overinflated symbolism': and expansion of a symbol or a sign beyond itself which eventually loses the thread of the real. How many times have you heard yourself or others go on and on in this manner of inflating the sign and symbols so out of proportion that the thing described might as well not be there, and that is what happens with our conceptions of the aether and astral bodies, they will either be meaningful and specific, or they will like anything your thoughts can imagine ad infinitum. And those are the signs of the loss of the truth. Then it is time to get some reality into the words, thoughts, and perceptions. the solution? Get my series below. In it you will find the meditative materials that will give you an accurate perception of the Astral Body and how to use it. Your first-hand inner knowledge will be of immense value for all the rest of your studies will make sense. You will always be able to sort out whether others really know....or not. That is very crucial to your own progress and the spiritual development of your soul. Without clear understanding and concepts, you will be like a person in the dark not knowing where to go or what to do, this course gives you the correct tools to know what you need to know and to avoid the unnecessary and the non-essential.  It contains nearly 12 hours of study materials! The little cost for the course will be pennies to the great value it will give to you in the knowledge you will gain regarding it and how to work with it and not against it.

    The Astral Body

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  3. Student Response
    I'm taking the course now and this has to be the most amazing set of lectures on the study of the astral body and desire nature of man! Truly amazing!!! 
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  4. The Count of St.Germain and the Mysteries of the Astral Body
    Fourteen years have elapsed since they were given.  This spring I have occupied in researching all of the indications in the Rick Mansell lectures Under the Wings of the Phoenix, by Irene Tezlaf (about the life of Count of St.Germain) and now the text manuscript is finished, and in the light of this research, I have revisited these lectures, and they have not at all diminished in brightness, but have increased in lumination!

    As a wonder and amazing addition to your studies get the class Count of St.Germain

    Write me for a discount code if you read this message. eugene@audiblewisdom.com
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