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Picture of Sean Rueth Kaiser

Gifts of the Rosenkreutz Institute

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Thursday, 26 March 2020, 11:53 AM

If anyone is interested in modern spiritual scientific research absolutely look into becoming a student of the spirit with the Rosenkreutz Institute. I have taken many of Eugene Passofaro’s courses and they all have been absolutely incredible! As students of the spirit, I believe that we need not only Rudolf Steiner’s work as a foundation, but now more than ever especially a spiritual science that is more up to date with our modern life. I would highly recommend especially the lecture series 026 “Michael the Archangel and The Shadow of the Spirit”, 078 “Enlightenment and Illumination” and 079 “Alchemy of Man Earth & Stars”. This school has so much to offer to any student of spirit. I hope everyone feels they same sort of gratitude and reverence for having found the amazing work of the Rosenkreutz Institute! I truly believe that this work is forming the spiritual science of the future.