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Picture of Sean Rueth Kaiser

073 - The Development and Creation of the Pure Soul

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 6:30 AM

"073 - The Development and Creation of the Pure Soul" is definitely one of my favorite lecture series I have taken at the Rosenkreutz Institute. This lecture series would serve as a great foundational lecture series for any student of the spirit. There are so many important revelations that are brought to the student of the spirit. Techniques and considerations for the creation of the pure soul are given in variety of ways. How to work with the different substances of the soul like warmth, how to work with our words, how to create the pure soul space, the power of our words to create the pure spirit and many other things are brought to the student's attention. Another sublime revelation is brought to the student of the spirit and this revelation brings so much power and strength to the creation of the pure soul. The creation of your pure soul comes from the pure spirit. Only a pure soul can attract to itself the pure spirit. This pure spirit is the Christ spirit. You become the body, the life, the voice, the will and the power of the Christ spirit. The pure spirit of the Christ spirit comes to you to fill you. The immense significance of this descent of this spirit should come to every student of the spirit. I believe that as we begin to attune our souls to this substance and this revelation of the descent of the pure spirit to the pure soul one will begin to feel the immensity, power and strength of this event. Another revelation that I would like to reveal to you is that "your labor is not in vain". Once we begin to believe in the reality and strength in creating the pure soul and learn how to employ the techniques that one learns in these lectures I truly believe one will know that truly our "labor is not in vain". We are so lucky to be apart of this amazing and wonderful creation process. "The Development and Creation of the Pure Soul" is what brings an immeasurable amount of value to our lives. We might lose certain experiences that we valued before we began our spiritual journey, but if you choose to take this lecture series I think you too will feel how important the creation of pure soul is. I hope you choose to take this amazing course! 


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076 077 The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 11:06 AM

The two lecture courses of The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz Part I and Part II provides a wonderful and deep look into the story of The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Some of what is spoken about are the secrets of Venus, the Marriage, secrets of the blood, mastery of the virginal substances, revelation of the virgin spirits, and how men and women differ in their spiritual paths. Male and female spiritual aspirants will find vital and essential knowledge that will help them to advance upon the path of their spiritual unfolding. Both need different substances to work with and to master if they are to advance in their spiritual journey as students, and this lecture provides the student with many of these alchemical keys. Alchemical keys are given to you for your journey so you don’t weigh too light and miss your opportunity and privilege to continue your path and journey. I would highly recommend these two lectures to anyone interested in Rosicrucian studies and anyone wanting to understand the secrets of Nature and the human being. 


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079 080 Spiritual Alchemy

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 11:03 AM

Two of the lecture courses on Spiritual Alchemy have been so illuminating and have brought much light and understanding into my spiritual journey. Both lecture courses provide opportunities for self-illumination and understanding for what the student can work on if he so chooses. 

In the course (080) of Spiritual Illumination and Dark Astrality we are presented the knowledge of working with and understanding the dark astral substance of our being and the world, but with this consideration this substance shouldn't be something we should be scared of, but I believe appreciative of the fact that we have a substance to work with and understand. In my experience, it is important to realize that Eugene provides many different techniques in these courses. They are given in order to help the spiritual student along his path of understanding and self illumination. We need technique in order to progress and this is exactly what Eugene provides. This lecture course was a "game changer" for my journey and offers an opportunity to any student for self-illumination.

 In the lecture course (079) of Alchemy of Man, Earth & Stars we are given many more insights in how to work with the various metals and inner fire of our being. If you're interest in spiritual alchemy and the path of the Rosicrucian then this would be excellent course to explore and work with. If you are a spiritual student of the modern day I would highly recommend both courses since both lecture courses work well with one another. I have the highest regard for these lecture courses and Eugene's hard work in providing us with this material. Both lecture courses will bring about the quickening of the spirit, provide a system of techniques and opportunities for introspection and self-illumination. Both lecture courses will help the spiritual student understand many esoteric passages of the Bible and Greek sagas, then ultimately provide a proven system of traveling along the path of "the Way, the Truth and the Light". 


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083 - The Light of Eternity

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Sunday, 27 December 2020, 12:44 PM

083 - The Light of Eternity was such an amazing lecture series! I would recommend this lecture series to any student of the Spirit. There is so much contained in this lecture series! So many of my questions about the spiritual path and the eternal light that we all have was explained in this lecture series. The nature of light and its relation to our soul and higher self is explained in this lecture series. Why we suffer through our sorrows and pain also is explained. It is given the proper path in how to develop. This is such an important concept to understand as a student of the Spirit! Also, I would recommend to take 082 - The Psychology of Immortality before taking this lecture series because it serves as a good basis and transition into this lecture series. I hope you choose to take this lecture course because this is a favorite of mine! 


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088 - The Technology of the Soul

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Sunday, 14 February 2021, 6:23 AM

The lecture course of 088 - The Technology of the Soul was one of the most incredibly important lectures courses I have ever listened to and had the chance to study. In this lecture course we examine the four forms of the being nature (e.g., the I, the Ego, the Self and the I am). This ability to distinguish the four forms of our being nature and its relationships with one another advances upon the study Rudolf Steiner undertook. Our school advances this study and this is exactly what makes our school different  from Anthroposophy. It begins to answer the questions and revelations that Novalis sought to undertake about the Self. What is also examined in this lecture course are the eight principles of the soul nature: time, form, structure, substance, I, I am, Ego, and the Self to reveal the soul being nature. These principles and aspects of our being nature are incredibly important to understand and study. This lecture course provides a technology we can apply to ourselves in order to better understand ourselves. The search and understanding of the Self is found within this lecture course and much more. I hope you choose to take this lecture course! 


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