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reputed pool of the Baptiser

0100 The Virgin Mary at the Dawn of our Age

by Laura Turner - Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 12:07 PM

I just attended the Feb 1 lecture of the new series on the Dawn of our Age: Virgin Mary (#5). Astounding revelations. Essential connections to ancient cultures/teachings, especially Hermes (the double Hermes of the initiate as well as the god & the twins Gemini), Venus and her lineage born from "eggs", why the Divine Feminine had to be protected and hidden (occult, same term used in astronomy for the planet perceptions) and the downpouring of the Spirit at the time of Christ (Jesus) that can now be revealed to humanity. The connection to the Gnostic writings (hint of more to come!!)


Picture of Sean Kaiser

0104 Virtues of the Soul II

by Sean Kaiser - Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 12:04 PM

The lecture series of "0104 Virtues of the Soul" was such a wonderful lecture series! I would highly recommend to take this course after initially taking the lecture series of "093 Meditations on Solitude and the Virtues of the Soul". The lecture series of 0104 provides a continuation of the virtues spoken about in 093. The spiritual significance of the virtues of hope, faith saving grace and adaptation to name a few are further clarified and given its true significance for the student of spirit. One of the most profound lectures that I ever listened to was the lecture of "01042 The Virtues of Darkness and Hidden Aspects of Divinity". So many meaningful insights into the nature of darkness and its hidden virtue is covered in this lecture. I believe especially this lecture in particular provides a hidden insight into the virtuous nature of the darkness of the soul and how it provides a substance for us to transform, sanctify and work with. This lecture series in particular was something that I value and admire very much, since in my studies of Spiritual Science I have not heard anything like this before. That I think highlights the beauty and power of these lectures, they are nothing like I have encountered before. That is what is so refreshing and inspiring about these insights into the virtues of the soul. Hence, they provide inspiration on what to work with in the soul, how to work with the soul and the significance of working with the many virtues of the soul. Please, by all means take this lecture series! 


reputed pool of the Baptiser

011 Freemasonry & Christianity

by Laura Turner - Thursday, 9 July 2020, 5:27 PM

The time is now for hidden mysteries to become more visible for those who are able to utilize the concepts and the tools in our present times of need. This course on the Freemasons from 2009 is so profound! It connects the pictures (the "stories") from the books in the Old Testament and the New Testament to the legends of the Freemasons, the Masons who became free of the Catholic dogma. The words are about expertise (mastery) as well as the levels that lead to that mastery (knowledge and experience, called Apprentice & Journeyman) and then the 4th degree that is for today's spiritual students, that of the Immortal.


Picture of Sean Kaiser

026 Michael the Archangel and the Shadow of the Spirit

by Sean Kaiser - Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 12:00 PM

Michael the Archangel and the Shadow of the Spirit has been by far one of my favorite and most essential lecture series that I have taken from the Rosenkreutz Institute. I believe this lecture series should serve as a foundational lecture series for all students of the spirits here at the Rosenkreutz Institute. If you feel any sense of urgency on beginning your spiritual journey I would highly recommend taking this lecture series. If you want to work with the impulses of Michael the Archangel then this would be a wonderful lecture series to begin with. This lecture series also has many different practical techniques to advance the student of spirit along his path. In taking this lecture series I would highly recommend taking along with this course 027 The Mysteries of the Rose Cross since this course builds upon what was previously discussed in the 026 lecture series. 


Picture of Sean Kaiser

027 Mysteries of the Rose Cross

by Sean Kaiser - Tuesday, 21 April 2020, 12:58 PM

027 The Mysteries of the Rose Cross has been my favorite lecture series from the Rosenkreutz Institute ever! This lecture series has personally influenced me in so many ways. This, as well as 026 Michael the Archangel and the Shadow of the Spirit lecture series, are the two foundational lecture series that I would recommend for all students of the spirit here at the Rosenkreutz Institute. If you ever had any questions about the significance of the Rose Cross Meditation, the Holy Grail and other spiritual practices to help advance the student upon one's path (e.g., how to purify the air around one's self) then this lecture series is something I would highly recommend. I would recommend students take the 026 lecture series before taking 027 lecture series. This is because what one is taught in 026 is later expanded up and brought to further clarity in the 027 lecture series. With that being said, 027 The Mysteries of the Rose Cross and 026 Michael the Archangel and the Shadow of the Spirit are I think two of the most important lectures that any modern student of the spirit could listen to. Please, by all means, take these two classes!!! 


Picture of Sean Kaiser

029 Christian Mystery Centers

by Sean Kaiser - Thursday, 11 June 2020, 3:43 PM

029 Christian Mystery Centers is a wonderful lecture series for any student of the spirit that is interested in studying esoteric Christianity. The evolution and spread of Christianity into the different parts of Europe is important study that I recommend to modern students of the spirit. This lecture series provides many practical and well needed exercises to help promote the development of the student (e.g., meditation on color of one's deeds and non-judgement). The student is given many valuable insights into the true nature of evil and how it relates to the human soul, the spread and development of the mystery secrets and mystery centers of Christianity, the relation of the Christ spirit to the soul, the mystery of the Fisher King, the armor of the gods and most importantly amazing revelations about the Holy Grail are given. If any student of the spirit is interested in esoteric Christianity and its deeper secrets I would highly recommend this lecture series! 


Picture of lissa Magana

035 The Seven Pillars of Sophia

by lissa Magana - Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 10:22 AM

How can one begin to contemplate what resides within? Do we search for reflections of what we perceive in the confines of our perceived reality? How do we even know what we are looking for? How can we gauge what is imagination, programming, and what is spiritual wisdom? 

Do you have a solid understanding of the seven pillars and how they work within you? 

If you are perplexed about where to start, what to review again, or if you are just starting on your alchemical journey...I highly recommend this course. It has whispered deep within the abyss of my Akashic field, and I am rising to new divine wisdom.

Blessings and peace. The Seven Pillars of Sophia


reputed pool of the Baptiser

050 Aetheric Christ 2015 series

by Laura Turner - Tuesday, 3 December 2019, 10:17 PM

this series (050) has been the best descriptions of what Dr Steiner called the Aetheric Christ--and didn't make much sense to me. Until I heard Tazo's lectures 1 - 12 repeatedly. I have now listened about 10 times each, and took notes when I at last understood the main theme of each lecture. This series has changed my life more than any of the others, and I have heard most of them!! Highly recommended



053 The Spiritual Revelation of Mary Magdalene

by Stephanie Bassett - Thursday, 9 July 2020, 5:20 PM

Having studied about Mary Magdalene for many years, I was skeptical about what I may find in these lectures. Would it go against what I've learned so far? The answer is no. Eugene took everything I knew and expanded upon it, enlivening the information with spiritual insight that can only come from true communion with the spiritual world. I found my thoughts soaring, heart racing and soul nourished as I listened to 0531 and 0532. If you have any curiosities about Mary Magdalene, her gospel, her role among the disciples or her relationship to Jesus and ultimately to the earth and heaven then please listen to this series. The depth of knowledge teamed with the life giving breath of spiritual wisdom will leave your spirit full. I have not finished this series and it is my first at the Rosenkruetz Institute, but I will most definitely finish it and enjoy many more. Do yourself a favor and learn about this remarkable woman and her role in the world as we know it.


Picture of Sean Kaiser

073 - The Development and Creation of the Pure Soul

by Sean Kaiser - Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 7:30 AM

"073 - The Development and Creation of the Pure Soul" is definitely one of my favorite lecture series I have taken at the Rosenkreutz Institute. This lecture series would serve as a great foundational lecture series for any student of the spirit. There are so many important revelations that are brought to the student of the spirit. Techniques and considerations for the creation of the pure soul are given in variety of ways. How to work with the different substances of the soul like warmth, how to work with our words, how to create the pure soul space, the power of our words to create the pure spirit and many other things are brought to the student's attention. Another sublime revelation is brought to the student of the spirit and this revelation brings so much power and strength to the creation of the pure soul. The creation of your pure soul comes from the pure spirit. Only a pure soul can attract to itself the pure spirit. This pure spirit is the Christ spirit. You become the body, the life, the voice, the will and the power of the Christ spirit. The pure spirit of the Christ spirit comes to you to fill you. The immense significance of this descent of this spirit should come to every student of the spirit. I believe that as we begin to attune our souls to this substance and this revelation of the descent of the pure spirit to the pure soul one will begin to feel the immensity, power and strength of this event. Another revelation that I would like to reveal to you is that "your labor is not in vain". Once we begin to believe in the reality and strength in creating the pure soul and learn how to employ the techniques that one learns in these lectures I truly believe one will know that truly our "labor is not in vain". We are so lucky to be apart of this amazing and wonderful creation process. "The Development and Creation of the Pure Soul" is what brings an immeasurable amount of value to our lives. We might lose certain experiences that we valued before we began our spiritual journey, but if you choose to take this lecture series I think you too will feel how important the creation of pure soul is. I hope you choose to take this amazing course! 


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