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115 - The Easter Oracles of Jesus

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Thursday, 20 May 2021, 10:50 AM

115 - The Easter Oracles of Jesus is such a marvelous and insightful lecture series! What I find in this lecture series is a continuation and deeper understanding of the esoteric teachings of Jesus and Christ. I feel a much deeper and more intimate relationship with the teachings of the purified wine and blood spoken of in the Gospels, as well as other esoteric teachings. Also, this lecture series gives a deeper understanding of what Rudolf Steiner meant by that the Master Jesus shared his astral sheath with the Buddha, this is most prominently found in Rudolf Steiner's book The Gospel of Luke. It is my heart felt belief that we as modern students of the Spirits yearn for the fruits of knowledge, truth and wisdom. With that understanding of mine, I find that we ought to feel an amazing amount of joy when we find a modern teaching such as this. Not just because it's something new, but because it nourishes and renews the soul of the student of the Spirit with a form of vitalizing  inspirations and path of spiritual development. There is much more contained in this lecture series and it is truly amazing! I would highly recommended this lecture series to anyone!