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098 - Nature Spirits

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 8:17 PM

The lecture series of 098 - Nature Spirits was such a wonderful lecture series! I encourage all students of the Spirit to consider taking this lecture series. If you ever were curious about the nature of nature spirits and nature beings this would be a wonderful course to take. What one is taught in this lecture series helps the student of the Spirit to understand what an incredible opportunity and responsibility we have to Nature, nature spirits and nature beings. Topics of discussion that are brought up in this lecture series range from discussing the various types of nature beings and nature spirits, the importance of the concentration exercise, the importance of the Rose Cross meditation, the tales of the Greeks, the tales of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, esoteric Christian teachings regarding nature spirits and nature beings, and so much more. I would also recommend taking 0103 Nature Spirits II lecture series as a follow up to this course as well. I hope you choose to take this course!