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098 - Nature Spirits

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 8:17 PM

The lecture series of 098 - Nature Spirits was such a wonderful lecture series! I encourage all students of the Spirit to consider taking this lecture series. If you ever were curious about the nature of nature spirits and nature beings this would be a wonderful course to take. What one is taught in this lecture series helps the student of the Spirit to understand what an incredible opportunity and responsibility we have to Nature, nature spirits and nature beings. Topics of discussion that are brought up in this lecture series range from discussing the various types of nature beings and nature spirits, the importance of the concentration exercise, the importance of the Rose Cross meditation, the tales of the Greeks, the tales of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, esoteric Christian teachings regarding nature spirits and nature beings, and so much more. I would also recommend taking 0103 Nature Spirits II lecture series as a follow up to this course as well. I hope you choose to take this course! 

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100 The Virgin Mary at the Dawn of our Age

by Laura Turner - Monday, 7 March 2022, 1:18 PM

I just attended the Feb 1 lecture of the new series on the Dawn of our Age: Virgin Mary (#5). Astounding revelations. Essential connections to ancient cultures/teachings, especially Hermes (the double Hermes of the initiate as well as the god & the twins Gemini), Venus and her lineage born from "eggs", why the Divine Feminine had to be protected and hidden (occult, same term used in astronomy for the planet perceptions) and the downpouring of the Spirit at the time of Christ (Jesus) that can now be revealed to humanity. The connection to the Gnostic writings (hint of more to come!!)

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115 - The Easter Oracles of Jesus

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Thursday, 20 May 2021, 10:50 AM

115 - The Easter Oracles of Jesus is such a marvelous and insightful lecture series! What I find in this lecture series is a continuation and deeper understanding of the esoteric teachings of Jesus and Christ. I feel a much deeper and more intimate relationship with the teachings of the purified wine and blood spoken of in the Gospels, as well as other esoteric teachings. Also, this lecture series gives a deeper understanding of what Rudolf Steiner meant by that the Master Jesus shared his astral sheath with the Buddha, this is most prominently found in Rudolf Steiner's book The Gospel of Luke. It is my heart felt belief that we as modern students of the Spirits yearn for the fruits of knowledge, truth and wisdom. With that understanding of mine, I find that we ought to feel an amazing amount of joy when we find a modern teaching such as this. Not just because it's something new, but because it nourishes and renews the soul of the student of the Spirit with a form of vitalizing  inspirations and path of spiritual development. There is much more contained in this lecture series and it is truly amazing! I would highly recommended this lecture series to anyone! 

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by Tamara L. Wilson - Tuesday, 18 July 2023, 10:15 AM

Wow!!!  121 may be the very best series I have heard so far!!!  Our youth really need this one...class 6, amazing! 'How do we get ourselves out of this depression'?   Must listen again.  Some of your best work!  Wow...I truly feel inspired!!!   Thank you, Tamara

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Excellent to Accompany the Secret Teachings book

by Laura Turner - Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 7:38 AM

Covers all the basic Rosicrucian teachings: the cosmology of the Earth; the development of the Human Being (descent into matter, and ascent back into spiritual); the separation from the Spirit realm; the separation and importance of two genders as well as the purpose of each; the adept known as Zarathustra, and his work within Jesus of Nazareth to prepare him to receive the Christ for his final three years as a man; how Zarathustra has continued his work since the time of Jesus; the human cultures which received these impulses; and the constitution of an adept human being (innocence + intelligence + wisdom) to become the vessel for the highest spiritual beings.