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004 The Spirit In Nature

by Tamara L. Wilson - Friday, 5 May 2023, 12:15 PM

Fellow students of the Spirit, I highly recommend the class series on 'The Spirit of Nature'.  My connection with 'Mother' was restored thru listening to these classes.  Here's a little bit more about Her.  Got a minute?...

When I think about the Spirit of Nature, I think about 'Mother'...for the 'Spirit of Nature' is feminine to me. She feels especially close at times when I see a mist covering the land with such mystery. I always feel Her then. Or the warmth, awe, and deep appreciation one feels when beholding a beautiful landscape...

I remember such a time, when first I saw Colorado...I had driven 'round a bin when an unbelievably gorgeous sight was suddenly unveiled before me. Picture this: luscious rolling green valley filled with wildflowers of golden yellows and fiery reds, majestic dark mountains with luminous snow atop that looked neon white with a lavender glow about them..and a small deep blue lake way down in the valley...a clear blue sky. The beauty was so breath taking I had to pull over and pray right then and there!

There's a 'presence' one feels and can deeply connect with. Just being quiet and listening, looking within at the same time you are looking around...She is there...One can walk just for the purpose of listening for Her, as I often now do. One can enjoy their tea or coffee outside quietly taking in the morning and opening to Her, welcoming Her. Giving thanks for those little birds that frequent your home...the sounds they make. It makes me smile. You?

Now, I had grown apart from Mother for many years...and it wasn't until I took the course about the Spirit of Nature that I at once responded to Friend's words in the lecture. It was something like 'you have to go out and meet nature where it is'. I immediately closed my computer and set out for a walk...and She was there, straight away!  After all those years of quiet between us...I am so grateful!  I intend to take my walks with 'Mother' from now on...


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008 Alchemy and the Cosmic Spirit

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Wednesday, 8 September 2021, 5:13 PM

008 Alchemy and the Cosmic Spirit lecture series is an incredibly unique and amazing lecture series! If you interested in what the Cosmic Spirit is and how it works into your life as a student of the Spirit you would should definitely take this lecture course! There is also a marvelous set of two lectures on how to develop the astral organs. Also, included in this lecture series is an amazing esoteric lecture on the nature of the ego. Probably one of my favorite lectures EVER is the last lecture 00812 - The Significance of our Spiritual Birthday. You will be so excited to listen to this lecture! Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this lecture series!! It was truly amazing!! 

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0104 Virtues of the Soul II

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 11:04 AM

The lecture series of "0104 Virtues of the Soul" was such a wonderful lecture series! I would highly recommend to take this course after initially taking the lecture series of "093 Meditations on Solitude and the Virtues of the Soul". The lecture series of 0104 provides a continuation of the virtues spoken about in 093. The spiritual significance of the virtues of hope, faith saving grace and adaptation to name a few are further clarified and given its true significance for the student of spirit. One of the most profound lectures that I ever listened to was the lecture of "01042 The Virtues of Darkness and Hidden Aspects of Divinity". So many meaningful insights into the nature of darkness and its hidden virtue is covered in this lecture. I believe especially this lecture in particular provides a hidden insight into the virtuous nature of the darkness of the soul and how it provides a substance for us to transform, sanctify and work with. This lecture series in particular was something that I value and admire very much, since in my studies of Spiritual Science I have not heard anything like this before. That I think highlights the beauty and power of these lectures, they are nothing like I have encountered before. That is what is so refreshing and inspiring about these insights into the virtues of the soul. Hence, they provide inspiration on what to work with in the soul, how to work with the soul and the significance of working with the many virtues of the soul. Please, by all means take this lecture series! 

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0107 stand-alone oracle 01073

by Laura Turner - Friday, 23 April 2021, 9:49 AM

no accident: lc 01073 was given just after spring eq last year, and uploaded on new moon in Aries/sun in Aries this year.

Astoundingly good content, especially the Rose Cross meditation "fire-y version". As Dylan said "right on target, so direct" (Tangled Up in Blue)

Excellent recommendation for a newbie student, especially for someone who's already meditating

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011 Freemasonry & Christianity

by Laura Turner - Thursday, 9 July 2020, 4:27 PM

The time is now for hidden mysteries to become more visible for those who are able to utilize the concepts and the tools in our present times of need. This course on the Freemasons from 2009 is so profound! It connects the pictures (the "stories") from the books in the Old Testament and the New Testament to the legends of the Freemasons, the Masons who became free of the Catholic dogma. The words are about expertise (mastery) as well as the levels that lead to that mastery (knowledge and experience, called Apprentice & Journeyman) and then the 4th degree that is for today's spiritual students, that of the Immortal.