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Novalis and the Future Destiny of Mankind

Novalis and the Future Destiny of Mankind

by Friend Tazo -
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The Mystery of Novalis and the Future of Humanity

Here is an excerpt from what I wrote for the Class at the Rosenkreutz Institute which may be something you want to learn more about, or discuss the subject further.

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"After Goethe read the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, he was inspired by it, and his thoughts formed into his Fairy Tale "The Green Snake and the Beautiful Liliy". Novalis, a friend of Goethe, and also a Romantic poet (Novalis being considered the founder of German Romanticism) was moved by Goethe's Fairy Tale and wrote Klingsor's Fairy Tale in response. Novalis saw important reflections on human destiny in spiritual nature which were not revealed in Goethe's work. Novalis was surprisingly clear in revealing the connection of Greek figures, thought today to be at best ‘mythological', but actually, were to him, living signs of spiritual Words, that related to the riddles of human destiny and particularly of higher spiritual human relationships beings and their coming spiritual destiny in higher realms. This had to play itself out as new bonds of Love formed between human beings. This at first appears as a path far removed from the present earth time in the past, but as a view which a spiritual seer can view which comes into our future as well.

 The author has stood upon the great shoulders of Novalis to look into the depths of time forward and back as if there is something magically formed between his soul and the world - like a Rainbow made of the akashic substances of the lives of the participants of this Holy Drama - a drama of love. If this resonates with you, then please feel invited to study the recordings that are available on the links below.

You will notice in the work of our school the tracing of the figures of Greek Mythology back to Homer's epics about the Trojan war. This is not coincidental. The work of Novalis, although greatly admired by Rudolf Steiner, was not his main focus, which was instead to reveal the treasures in Goethe's view of nature.

Dr. Steiner however, stated very clearly at the end of his life the importance of the Anthroposophists at the end of the 20th century to meet up with the teachings of Novalis which he predicted would pour into the world through his spiritual soul. Now we are in the time that Rudolf Steiner spoke.

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At the online school participants can join me in the discussions of these things, but first please study my recorded Spirit-Channeling Sessions I made in bringing the Spirit of Novalis into focus for us at the Rosenkreutz School of the Spirit.


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