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Tara Samadhi Interviews Eugene Passofaro

Tara Samadhi Interviews Eugene Passofaro

by Friend Tazo -
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Tara Samadhi interviews Eugene Passofaro on the Vesica Piscis.  

The Mystery of Pisces and the Two Fish are the geometric symbols of a deep and hidden nature.  Why and how? In this video interview by Tara Samahi, the answer given is quite exciting for modern students of the spirit for it pictures to us how our soul crosses into external nature through light and interacts with it in a special space creation called a Vesica Piscis.  Also Tara asks the million dollar question: "Explain to us the Nature Spirits!" and the answer is given is also very surprising! 

Eugene explains this is a hidden path into nature, an esoteric path,  and includes the seeing of the Nature Spirits. But also, one has to go on this path and experience it. This is important because following this path puts one into contact with subtle substances of nature as 'fruits' that are found on the path. We find out later that these 'fruits' are not just ordinary, but are extraordinary and we discover what they do in us. One important insight is that the subtle processes revitalize latent powers of seeing in our spiritual nature. 

One can ask: Why it is hidden? and it is related that it is because of our inner weaknesses and that we must break our connection because of these inner weaknesses.  It is explained that the role of the teacher is then revealed to be at the initial the steps that initiate the processes within the soul. 

When the Vesica Piscis occurs an inner sense organ is created which is also 'given' by nature and shared in our soul nature.  One has to comprehend how important it is to receive this sense organ.  The path of this creation will give insight into the will of nature beings and spirits in regards to the development of the soul natures of men.  Both males and females receive from nature according to whether the Soul is receiving or pouring out into nature its fertilizing substances.  

It is further related that Thoughts are impregnating forces emanating into nature as an invisible but no less powerful process.  The Spirit in Nature makes these emanations visible to the Students of the  Spirits of Nature and in this interaction, inspirations come as a result wherein nature reveals pure soul substances in the light.  These are revelations of Light and herald the 'Light Age' for those who are willing to place their souls in this subtle and pure light of nature's creations. 

If one follows the interaction of sunlight and water there one comes to what the ancients saw as the Vesica Piscis and it pictured and reflected into them the paths, geometry and the process of the joining of the soul with natures of men. These are respectively to be seen as interactive soul substances of the male and female substance natures. 

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