Food Shortages In Texas

Food Shortages In Texas

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Re: Food Shortages In Texas

by Eugene Passofaro -
Hi Paul,
These are very important questions. I am preparing lectures for the new series The Spirits of the Elements. The content is very much related to many of the questions you present. And it gives a train of thought which is quite valuable when it is grasped. It is that the present spiritual space is Frozen. External science reveals this in the Grand Solar Minimum which is polarized to the cold emanations. We can go further and ask: where did this come from? And the source is found in the soul natures of men. The Sun has the Planetary capacity to reflect back into the earth the substances which have their origins in the thoughts of men on earth. If we are willing to follow the effects of the souls of mankind on the cosmic nature beings, then the spiritual coldness of human beings is reflected back to the earth in the weather patterns that 'pour in' from the cosmos. In this case the suns rays cause frost to pour over nature.

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Re: Food Shortages In Texas

by Paul Ntoumos -
Hi Tazo,

This is an added element to the green energy debate video you posted. I have been wanting to engage a conversation on this for some time specifically after the discussions we had months ago re the biochar & energy generating initiatives by David Blum and Michael Collins. And this is the potential global cooling (rather than the official line of global warming)

A number of researchers have been pointing to the planet going to a global cooling influenced by the Sun Grand Minimum. The Nasa has denied any potential such impact.

Those views of impacts of the Sun’s Grand Minimum and global cooling have potential global impacts similar to what is happening in Texas now specifically the food production interruptions but on a wider scale
I have been following the person below since early 2020. He is very articulate in the field of astro-meteorology.

In my view, What is happening in Texas is only a beginning and maybe a waking-up call for a better attention to and preparation for food production and distribution and energy security.

I would be interested to get your views on this and that could also include further cosmic recent and in the very near future cosmic events that provide an overall context for the wider planetary changes associated with the changes in consciousness soul and the struggles by many groups to be the first to take hold of the outcomes of those changes.

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