Chrsitmas is Coming!

Chrsitmas is Coming!

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Dear Friends,

  It is now the second Sunday of Advent. I hope all of you are in the spirit of Christmas!  I am nearing the end of writing and finishing the manuscript. It is quite a work, and I know ll of you will love this work. There are new and wonderful inspirations on every page. I think this book will be one of the most important books of our age for it will show the long way we have come in the short time since or feet stepped on this new path of spiritual knowledge.  It will have the most beautiful descriptions of the things of the spirit, and things that have never yet been described.  And until this work is complete, I will work everyday on this manuscript.  And thank you for being there to continue to support this school and I know you are so excited as me! And Christmas is coming too!

Oh....and I have now made a subscription Music Player for my Music and Poetry. It is like a Radio station! It play automatically my songs etc.  Subscription is $20@month. I hope you get it, you will really love it!  And there is a messenger chat included so we can all chat together when we're online!  So please sign up for it!  

I will keep all of you posted!



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