My New Eden Book by Christmas!!!

My New Eden Book by Christmas!!!

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Dear Friends,

  I'm going to re-release the Secret Teachings of Eden!  I've been working on it night and day on it and it is amazing!  The content will be with some NEW surprises for everyone!  I am keeping all the original inspirations as they are for you because I know how valuable they have been for everyone, and how much they mean to you. The thoughts and ideas are wonderfully rich and powerful. They have grown into my 1400 lectures and 109 course series! Each lecture has a thread of thought is connected to this book!!! It is amazing! 

And this new edition will be even more Details and Wonderful!  You will see more of the Treasures of Thought and Inspirations for you to share and be thankful for the development this particular spiritual path brings and why it is so valuable and important for everyone today that wants to work with new Spirituality and be free of the old - and for good.

It will be a large format color version and my publisher will make it available at a very affordable price in softcover (no hardcover) at under $50!  It will be available in various digital versions for Kindle and other readers too! 

If you want to get some copies of the Old Version Color Large Format, now is the time!  It is now Out of Print, but I have a few copies left, if you want to get one, MSG me. 

Thank you for all your support amazing for all these years! It has been the foundation for everything we are able to do in our present and our future. 

This is so exciting!  And so I want to get this one ready for us by Christmas!    Please feel free to comment on this thread!

: ) : ) : )

Eugene Passofaro

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