Enrollment Options at Rosenkreutz Online

Enrollment Options at Rosenkreutz Online

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Welcome to the Rosenkreutz Institute Online!  There are so many things here to discover! And you are probably just beginning, so be patient and remember our school is going to be easier just after a few logins, but it just takes a little time to get used to it. Give yourself a chance, and go a few steps at a time, and there is no need to rush. The best way to get into our unique philosophy is to make the plunge and get a course! But if you are one of those that like to go really slowly but feel it as you go, then subscribe to the Hall of Research! It is pack full of great things to research, lectures to listen, videos, and best of all the community forums are out of this world good!  With a course the Hall of Research come free at no extra charge!

Which ever you decide, I'll see You In the Forum! And be sure to add me to your contacts I'm Eugene your site Host.  Below are further descriptions, if your still undecided, read more!

We have a number of levels of enrollment participation.

Host email for any questions:

Participation Level Information See Below :

Guest Level includes Guest Hall Access 

  • Full Lecture Access 
  • Group Forum 
  • Free to Guest Users (Up to 30 Days)


  • Rosenkreutz Culture Cafe
  • Discussion Forum
  • Art - Poetry - Music Sharing 
  • Lectures
  • $10 monthly
  • Forums: Spirituality and Spiritual Science
  • Links to Articles and Videos
  • Osiris Book of Wisdom Database
  • Lectures on Christian Rosenkreutz 
  • Directory of Oracles
  • Cost $5.67 (monthly)
Class Participant
Subscription Class Student
  • Hall of Research
  • Directory of Oracles
  • 2 Classes of Your Choice
  • Culture Cafe
  • Free Book for 1st Class
  • Cost $240 Monthly (includes 2 New Classes)

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Re: Enrollment Options at Rosenkreutz Online

by Eugene Passofaro -
There are some wonderful new reviews by our students.

Also, if you have been in a course or lecture please post a review.  These are read by all our visitors and if they are going to become part of our community, then put up a review so they can see the wonderful courses we have for them here.


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Re: Enrollment Options at Rosenkreutz Online

by Eugene Passofaro -
If you're looking for a course of lectures to put you in the spirit of Christmas this one is it : The Births of Jesus and Buddha.
Nine specially selected lectures give many insights into the births of the Great Teachers and their esoteric backgrounds.

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