Cellular Health for Spiritual Students

Cellular Health for Spiritual Students

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Dr.Kinghardt speaks about the impacts of modern technology on the Endocrine Glands. The endocrine glands provide valuable the bridges to the higher worlds.  Here he makes some very important predictions from the German Clairvoyant Scientist Dr.Rudolf Steiner about the paths evil powers will take to shut down or stop altogether mankind's path to form his super-sensible sense organs. These organs are necessary for creating higher mathematical conceptions and our inner picture forming capacity which brings about the blissful feeling of finding truth and direction in the higher subtle states of being and perception.  Imagine how terrible or wonderful it is to arrive at a new realm, or higher state of being and you can also 'sense' and be filled with new impressions! And for those who cannot see, or feel, they will have a reverse of sensation, as this will bring about 'tiredness' and 'apathy' in regards to something that we can say is actually perfectly natural and 'in the plan' of our natural development. 

This summer I am giving lectures on Cellular Biology and will open the class soon, so please sign in and make an account if you're interested....and then you can write me. Also, look in the 'search classes' feature under classes for 0105 The Pandemic of 2020 as a preparation course. 

As of January 21, 2021, I have completed this Lecture series Please write me if you would like to register for it.

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