The Oracle Lectures

The Oracle Lectures

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Dear Friends, 

You might be wondering how my inspirations come? How do they find us and become the content study? 

The work at this school are as Oracles from a deep spiritual place. As we do our lectures there spreads through the room a spiritual body of our spirit working in and through us. 

When I give lectures it is to feel the pulse of the body of the spirit that is invisibly working in the immediate atmosphere i.e the astral-aetheric.  That is also how one becomes a vessel of the spirit. This spirit also works lives in all of us each day and night according to our merits, or thoughts, our feelings and our deeds, and it needs our truth of heart and mind to express it.  

When we share together, it is often to share the tools of clearing and keeping clean the consciousness so that like a glass we can look through our souls to the world of the spirit, and perhaps gain a glimpse of the true world behind this one.  

When we see the spirit in subtler realms, it is important for us to be able to share with our friends the results of our experiences. Not always is it correct or true, therefore we must also aspire through inner imagination and visionary love to help each other, and to assist with each one's accomplishment.  We make spirit increase when we are able to see true spirit, and also to add to it and weave into it through our visionary-imaginary knowledge substances of being. What may appear as false or even evil will appear before us in a vision,  and perhaps as a new path and a way to correct it, and the good reasons for it. 

All of this may appear in imaginary form and hover before the speaker. People have come for answers, and the answers appear as angels opening and showing the paths and speaking the words to describe the ways of the path. When there is something false before the seer,  then the seer becomes inwardly moved to inform others as to the wisdom and reason of taking another path, but it is always clothed in words that allow others make up their minds in freedom as to the validity of expression.  Also, in the same way the paths of good are seen and have another feeling and corresponding vision and perhaps harmony, and joy, blis, or light.  

The speaker therefore describes the value of what is seen.  Even those who are not present in the room can appear in their spiritual form before the seer and pose questions and even are seen to walk with the angelic presences. 

We hope you will like our Oracles Lectures of our school.  This may shed a little light on how they have come into being with us at the Rosenkreutz Institute.

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