Ingredients in Vaccines From the CDC

Ingredients in Vaccines From the CDC

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Re: An Important Debate with Robert Kennedy

by Eugene Passofaro -


  1. The only remedy for Healthy People
  2. 1 in 40 people are seriously injured by vaccines 
  3. Cost to the American Public is 4 Billion
  4. Unavoidably unsafe
  5. VICA - Government has given immunity to manufacturers of Vaccines
  6. Vaccines were not responsible for the abolishment of polio and smallpox. Many diseases disappeared because of sanitation and better nutrition. Companies tried to take credit for the natural immunity.  Called Meyer(?) report.  
  7. No safety testing is required. It was originally because of military applications.  No placebo testing.  Manufacture insert is posted on the reports. 
  8. Dr. William Thompson admits "we have been ordered to fake studies" Pamed MMR vaccine cover up. Destroyed the data. 
  9. 54% of Americans now have serious diseases
  10. Cochrane studies proves that vaccines spreads the disease. See also Oxford vaccine of Andrew Pallard and reports of vaccines and spreadability because of getting a vaccine.
  11. Cochrane and PMJ study, vaccine increase pathogenic priming - viral reaction. Dr. Wolfe report at the Pentagon (a military study. Increases 36% more susceptibility to corona virus and other strains of Flu virus.
  12. Oxford vaccine of Andrew Pallard doesn't work, the British government, disregarding the studies on Macaw  monkeys proved it didn't work, still over 2,000,000 doses for distribution to the public. 

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